Thursday, June 2, 2011

well it's about time!

my new job as a play & music teacher consists of:

* the most adorable children you've ever seen, ages 3 mo. - 3 yrs. old,
* helping little ones gain mastery over their arms & legs,
* leading a discussion for caregivers of kiddies under a year,
* facilitating bonding between grown-ups & little ones,
* blowing bubbles,
* puppetry,
* giggles, smiles, & hand clapping,
* running in circles over bumpy mats,
* climbing over ladders, bridges, & ramps,
* literally non-stop singing from 9a - 2:30p,
* and dancing the day away.

it is a lot of work learning all the lesson plans, which means memorizing a new set of songs to sing, games to play, and developmental lessons for caregivers every 4 weeks.  exhausting? and then some, both physically and mentally.  a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious amount of fun? tremendously, yes!

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a HUGE thank you to everyone {you!} for sending all that positive energy, good thoughts, & prayers my way in the ole job hunt.  it took long enough {9 months of searching to be exact}, but i finally have one.  now i can pursue those {sadly} unpaid therapy jobs and not worry about paying the bills.