Tuesday, June 21, 2011

summer time!

hooray it's summer! of course, if you live in california you might not have known it.  san francisco was always freezing during the summer, so i was over the moon thinking about all the dresses and tank tops i could wear through my first LA summer.  i did not, however, account for the june gloom {hello dark & gloomy wintery weather}.  i guess i can be patient until july.  in the meantime, i'm cooking up some great summer plans for the next couple months:

1. land a therapy internship.
2. take a sign language class.
3. do some remodeling on the ole blog.
4. enjoy a picnic concert at the hollywood bowl.
5. take a road trip {seattle, monterey, and san diego are all possibilities}.
6. grow something(s) in the tiny plot of dirt in our courtyard.
7. visit the tim burton exhibit at the lacma.
8.  begin a chanting/meditation practice {i have been reading all the benefits of chanting lately, which are amazing - increased memory functioning, decrease in stress & anxiety, and overall improvement in health}.
9. read a book entirely for fun {like water for elephants, mindy kaling's book, or infinite jest maybe?}.
10. enjoy water - the beach, pools, sprinklers - anything i can find on the hot sunny days! 

{ah, sweet summer - flip flops, the beach, gelato - together again at last!}

what are some of your summer plans?