Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stepping Off at Six O' Clock

In a small town on a Saturday night,
Who knew?
That so many would think
that the very best thing to do 
would be sitting and watching
the parade go by
from left to right.
We watched but never questioned why.
Riding in chairs on a truck-- 
there goes the city band!
Oh and don't forget
the Spangler's candy tanker 
and the trolley
that came along 
with the Dum-dum sucker man.

Who would have guessed
there are so many kinds of Shriner?
Those riding little cars and little bikes
(One bike lost a chain in front of the diner).

Big men wearing tasseled fez caps,  
and some dressed like clowns
going round and round in twos,
and those on flying carpets
wearing gold hats 
and pointed shoes,
(Well, you know, there's nothing finer!)