Tuesday, June 28, 2011

sharing is nice

a couple weeks ago i received the liebster award from ana of the world through my eyes.  the rules are to share four lesser-known blogs {under 300 followers} that i think should be discovered and read.  it just so happens that i have found a handful of new blogs lately, so here are four that i'm happy to share with you all:

all fun and beautiful, so go check them out.


speaking of fun and beautiful, here are some other great things i have discovered recently.
how cool are these?...

* what's the perfect gift for that designer/woodworker husband? how about a gorgeous wooden tie from wood thumb?  these guys are from {where else?} the great city of san francisco, and have created a pretty brilliant union of style and design if you ask me {they're quite affordable too!}.

* raise your hand if you ride a bike. and are all of you safety mcsafe-a-lot by wearing a helmet, or would you rather preserve your cute hairdo than your noodle?  well, i have some good news for you - a couple of awesome swedes came up with a way to help you do both {hooray sweden}!  see this stylish black collar?  in the event of an accident, it releases an airbag that forms around your neck and head in the shape of a helmet.  you can see the crash tests here.  mind-blowing!

{discovered thanks to gloria of little white whale}

* and this print is just way too adorable!
a friend emailed it to me the other day and i fell in love.

{you can buy this and other adorable prints in ilovedoodle's etsy shop}

here's hoping you all get lots of hugs this week!