Wednesday, June 22, 2011

poster art

i'm not a big collector.  throughout my adult life i have always lived in ridiculously small apartments which never allowed me the luxury to own much, and i don't think that will be changing anytime soon.  but if i did collect anything it would be art.  sometimes i daydream of having my own museum behind my teeny cottage in the middle of silver lake.  not only would it be a place to display art, but it would also be a space for performances - poetry readings, music concerts, plays, film shoots, photo shoots - it would be my heaven!

since i can't have my museum in real life, i figured i would go ahead and build one right here on my blog.  so step on over and check out the first installment, my poster-art-meets-pop-culture favorites - unique designs, cool typography, paying homage to music & movies. love! 

{left-right} "sea legs" by the shins - artist i love dust;  "home" by edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros - artist numskull; "everything will be fine" by belle & sebastian - artist steph says hello.

from music philosophy, by artist mico:
{left-right} "on the radio" by regina spektor, "passing afternoon" by iron & wine, "no rain" by blind melon, "anyone else but you" by the moldy peaches, "to be surprised" by sondre lerche, "hurt" by nine inch nails {covered by johnny cash}, "electioneering" by radiohead, and "not dark yet" by bob dylan.

from artist jerod gibson:

and my personal favorite - great showdowns by artist scott campbell:
{left-right} titanic, flashdance, rocky horror picture show, babe, short circuit, and beetlejuice.

thanks for visiting my museum!