Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ohio Scottish Games

Yesterday, we traveled to Wellington, Ohio to the county fairgrounds to see the Ohio Scottish Games.

The main reason we went was because my blog friend, Laura, who is from Canada, had let me know that she and her daughter were going to be there so that her daughter could participate in the Highland Dance Competitions.

Laura, her daughter Mae, and me

This is Mae at the tents where they kept their gear stored while the competitions were going on.

Mae is in the back row in this photo waiting her turn to dance.

Mae on the left in blue.

Mae doing the dance of the swords.

This is one of the men who played the bagpipes for the dancers.

These are some of the dancers lined up after the competition during the awards ceremony.  Mae is #415 in the middle.  She received three medals at the morning competitions and three more at the afternoon competitions. She did a fantastic job!  

There were other events at the games too.  There were border collies herding sheep and ducks in competition.  Some beautiful Clydesdale horses were there.  Several Scottish bands and musicians were there.  Men playing bagpipes and wearing traditional Scottish kilts and such were everywhere!  

While I watched the dancing, my husband went to watch some of the field games that the men participated in.  He watched the men throwing heavy weights over a high bar (set up kind of like a pole vault) which I think was called the sheaf toss, but I'm not sure.  There were also men throwing big logs end to end in what is called the caber toss.  This picture shows some of the logs used for that.

He brought me back scones with strawberries and cream when he returned.  Yum!

Some of the other sights to see of the day included the following:

a falconer,

a flower flag

swords on display

I'm not sure what these are.  We thought that perhaps they were target dummies to use swords against that are made to look like the English, but we weren't sure.  I thought they were kind of amusing, whatever they are.

We watched the parade of the clansmen, where each clan sported their tartan plaids and colors.

This burly Scotsman was part of a group that does historical re-enactments.  He looked pretty intimidating, but he was kind enough to pose for a picture with me.

Close to the end of the day we saw the Goodyear Blimp float by overhead.
It was great fun, and I enjoyed having the opportunity to meet fellow blogger, Laura, and her daughter.