Thursday, June 9, 2011

june intentions ~ regroup

those of you who are regular readers may recall my new year's resolution to set aside a specific goal for myself at the beginning of each month.  and if you will also recall, i did just that during the months of january-april... then came may. oh may! i did have a goal that month to find a job, but i did not post about it.  i was partly sick of sounding like a broken record in my "goals" posts, and partly just holding my breath, feeling like something had to come along soon but not wanting to jinx anything by writing about it.  now i'm happy to say, a job did come along at the end of last month.  it's not in my field, but it is a way to earn money {no living under a bridge for us!}, and i am so grateful that we can breath a little easier now.  

here we are again in a new month {can you believe it's already summer?}, and i have a new goal.  this month i am going to be working on some inner growth, with a little healing mixed in.  let's be honest, being unemployed for so long {9 months for me}, even though i am educated and experienced, takes it's toll.  over the past few months i have been so frustrated with life, with myself, with how little my field respects interns.  i felt helpless and at a loss about what i could do differently.  now that i have something to pay with bills with, i can begin to regroup.

this month i'm going to take a few weeks off from my search for a therapy job and just focus on embracing some healthy practices - releasing the stress of the past few months, forgiving the universe for making me wait so long, and gaining motivation to do my best at my current job even though it's not in my career field.  i'm going to make my practices simple and specific, which is the best way to stick with new habits.

through the month of june i will:
+  get back into writing my morning pages at least 5 days a week.
+  write a letter to the universe expressing all of my thoughts and feelings about life {good & bad}.
+  begin a meditation and chanting practice at least 4 days a week.
+  get back to writing in my gratitude journal each evening.  
+ remain open & pursue any therapy opportunities which come my way, even if they are unpaid.

do you have any goals for the month of june?

ps - thank you for all of your support over the past few months. your friendship and kind words have really meant a lot.