Wednesday, June 15, 2011

if i had a million dollars

money. what do you feel when you hear or read this five letter word?  are you grateful that you have enough or do you cringe at the thought of how much more of it you need?  as much as we try to promote the fact that money is not the most important thing in the world {which is true}, we forget how necessary it is.  of course it's easy to know how necessary it is when you have none of it {hollah!}.  so today i'm pretending i have money to spare, lots of money to spare, and going on an imaginary shopping trip.

here's how i would spend my money:
- sign language classes.
- paying off all of those school loans.
- sending my nieces & nephews to college.
- a tiny cottage in silver lake, an apartment in my old san francisco neighborhood,
and a cabin in the upper rockies.
- a beautiful business venture of my happiness truck, my therapy practice, & classes for underprivileged kids.
- continuing education {classes in art, yoga, meditation, certifications in different realms of therapy, etc.}
- road trips, sailing trips, & traveling the world!
- hiring that talented husband of mine to build all of our furniture himself.
- starting a non-profit where therapists teach mental health classes in schools {so people can learn
self-awareness, how to heal, and how to have healthy communication with others}.
- and yeah, a few new dresses wouldn't hurt either.

{print by little minch art}

things i wish i got paid to do so i could afford that list:
- sitting on the beach and watching the waves roll in.
- coloring, crafting, and creating.
- hiking each and every trail in the LA area.
- attending live music shows.
- sitting at a coffee shop and chatting with random strangers.
- listening to records & reading.
- kissing my husband.
- taking road trips.
- throwing parties.
- dancing in my living room.

{if anyone knows of a real life job involving these things, please let me know.}

how would you spend your millions?