Friday, June 17, 2011


it's the end of another week! actually, with my odd-houred job, the end of my week is now saturday afternoons.  this has taken a bit of getting used to since i grew up in a religion that kept saturday as the sabbath.  even though i left that religion, i continued to keep that spiritual practice and it has been an interesting process to decide where i want to set my boundaries.  as sad as i was to lose my day devoted to loved ones and self-reflection, i'm thankful it happened because it helped me figure out what is most important to me {i'm not planning on working saturdays much longer}.

here are some other things i'm thankful for:
* serendipitously discovering a pretty bridge {the shakespeare bridge} tucked away in our neighborhood.
* everything working out perfectly with an event which i was totally anxious about.
* clearing out some stuff from our home {de-cluttering feels so good}.
* discovering this very cool and very helpful writing tool.
* that i found a job which pays me {i have to remember this is a good thing, even though it's not in my field}.
* that the mr.'s car was safe whilst parked out of sight on another street, and is now back outside our house {there are a lot of car jackings in our neighborhood}. 
* the sun coming out to play during our june gloom.
* finding this super cute dress at ruche, a perfect purchase with the last of my gift card money.

and here are some things which i'm looking forward to over the next week:
* getting to know my work program well enough to stop practicing every day.
* having the mister come home.
* the romantic date we're planning which will involve this film.
* hanging out with brandi one last time before she moves to NY {sniff!}.
* the free pasadena music festival {i love free! especially with great bands like these.}

and now i shall leave you with this ridiculously cheerful playlist to enjoy over the weekend.
happy friday!

what are you thankful for?