Monday, June 13, 2011

good deeds ~ shout-outs

lately i've been noticing all sorts of random acts of kindness going on around me.  it began with the bake sale as i watched how many of you found ways to support the cause, and since then it has felt as though my eyes have been opened! i am a firm believer that we are changed by the things which hold our attention.  of course i know all too well how easy it is to get caught up in our worries, stresses, fears, and confusion in life, so i wanted to take a minute right here on my blog to focus on the positive.  i hope this can be a great reminder to both you and me that there is a whole lot of good in the world, and that we too can help spread hope, cheer, and peace to the people around us.

so i want to give a great big shout-out to:
* the girl on sunset who picked up a plastic bottle on the sidewalk and put it in the recycling.
* the guy at trader joe's who offered to hold the elderly woman's basket while we waited in line.
* the neighbor lady down the street who stopped by to check on the health of our neighbor kitty who was attacked by a dog last month, and to offer her friendly support.
* my two year old student who gave her toys to another little boy along with a hug.

and in honor of these kind acts, i will be looking extra hard for ways i can make the world a sweeter place for those around me.  i will be looking for opportunities to open doors, clean up the neighborhood, offer smiles and waves, give a listening ear, volunteer my helpful services, and anything else that presents itself to me today and through this week.  how about you?

{of course we need ideas - everything starts with an idea after all - but it is only through acts that those ideas have any sort of meaning.  found here.}

have you seen any random acts of kindness lately?  
i would love it if everyone could share at least one act of kindness you've witnessed in the comments.  maybe together we can help foster an attitude of giving, pick up a little inspiration for our own positive actions today, and start this week of right.