Monday, June 27, 2011

good deeds ~ have you laughed today?

okay, this is going to be my good deed for the week - sharing with you the importance of laughter and then {hopefully!} making you laugh right here, right now.  what an important cause!

first of all, isn't laughing weird?
think about it, when you like something so much, and it pleases you in such a specifically delightful way, you shake and convulse and noise comes out of your throat {and sometimes nose}.

but i'm so glad we can laugh because it's absolutely positively good for you, physically, mentally and emotionally.  some studies even suggest that laughter increases your life span.  woo-hoo!  a therapist friend of mine teaches laughter yoga, which i can't wait to try one of these days.  do any of you practice this?  if you have never seen laughter yoga you must check out this hilarious and informative clip.  how can life get you down when you face it with a little laughter?

here are some fun facts about laughing: 
* laughter releases and reduces the stress chemicals in the brain.
* it increases the cells that produce antibodies, giving you a stronger immune system.
* it exercises the diaphragm, your heart, and your abs, back and shoulder muscles.
* laughing helps to distract you from the negative and shifts your focus to more positive outcomes.
* laughter provides great bonding experiences with others.

it's interesting to me that a lot of us laugh when we're nervous or overwhelmed in addition to being happy.  i think that just goes to show it's a natural way our bodies react in order to make things better.  so go ahead and let it all out through laughing!  

having trouble? here, let's see if i can help with that....


or how about hyperbole and a half's problem with being an adult?
i'm pretty sure she wrote this after shadowing me for a week.
{ouch, my stomach!}


of course there's always a lot of funnies to be had with making charts out of song lyrics:
{90's and rick astley}

this one has terrible quality, but still funny:


and of course, wickedly bleeping out favorite sesame street clips.
i don't know how many times i've seen this and it still makes me laugh!
{let's be honest, this song was just asking for it.}


so did those work? i hope so.
now let's see how many of us can pay it forward by helping others laugh today, okay?