Wednesday, June 1, 2011

dream, dream, dream...

many years ago i made elaborate plans for my dream home.  
it consisted of trees {which i could climb} growing up through the center,
a rock climbing wall reaching 3 stories,
a loft with a rope swing down to a pit full of blankets and pillows,
and an art studio full of all sorts of colors, materials, and tools.
{don't worry, i've passed these plans along to that architect partner of mine.}


it was an incredibly adventurous sort of home with plenty to keep me {and all my friends} busy.
lately, however, i've thought about a new component to add to this dream home of mine - a reading nook.  not just any reading nook, mind you - a boat reading nook!

wouldn't it be fantastic to have a giant bow to an old wooden boat in the home?
you could fill it with pillows and benches for reading,
sipping tea, writing, catching up with old friends,
indoor picnics on rainy days, and star gazing
{yup, there would be ridiculously large skylights directly over the bow}.

you could even create a hidden room below deck {hello guest room?},
and lead sea chanties from above with your favorite grog!
the possibilities are endless.

what does your dream home look like?

ps - i just added a new page up above for the bake sale.  check it out and pass it along to all your southern california friends.

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