Wednesday, June 8, 2011

confessions on food

there was a time when i would go over to dannon's house, peer into his cupboards, and ask "where's all your food?!" sure his cupboards would be packed full, but none of it looked like actual food to me - it was all just ingredients.

you see, my relationship with food has always been fairly nonexistent.  of course i ate and of course there are foods that i'm excited to eat, but i never saw food as an experience.  in my home, we all just took care of ourselves.  we ate whatever we needed to, whenever we needed to, and it wasn't a special event that we shared together.  to be honest, i'm perfectly happy with having grown up this way, because i could really care less about food {gasp!}.  i know this is one of those things which makes me a black sheep of blogland, but there it is.  often i feel like food is just this thing that i have to do during the day, and when it's over, i can get back to life.  what a bother!  if i could get all of my nutrients, protein, etc. in a little pill that i took once a day, i would be in heaven.

so as you can imagine, i am not a fan of cooking.*  part of it has to do with the fact that i don't care about food enough to think all that work is worth it, but another part of me is just way too lazy.  i also often don't realize i'm hungry until i'm STARVING {read: i turn green, grow giant muscles, and am not responsible for the wake of destruction in my low-blood sugar path}, so to take 30 minutes at the point of hunger isn't a very good idea for my loved ones {or the breakables in our home}.  

okay, so before you quit reading this post in your disgust, let me get to the point.  i do like to be healthy, and since i must eat but don't like cooking, i often eat incredibly simple meals:
+ pitas & hummus with a small salad
+ yogurt & granola with a side of fruit
+ butternut squash & wild rice with some whole grain bread
+ fruit/veggie smoothie with popcorn

eating these sorts of meals, without the pressure of cooking or meal planning, actually makes the whole eating process a lot more fun for me.  and isn't that important when it comes to something you do 7-8 times a day {or is that number just for me?}?

recently i discovered some great food inspiration over on angela hardison's blog.  she has taken on a challenge to eat at least 50% raw foods on a daily basis, and is chronicling her menus.  isn't that wonderful?!  i've been loving scrolling through her meals to get other easy and healthy food ideas for myself.  eating raw foods has so many benefits - it's the healthiest way to eat, requires no cooking{woohoo!}, is incredibly sustainable, and very affordable.  all you really need is a good farmers market {or your own garden?...} and preferably a trader joe's.  and in these hard economic times, we need all the nutrients we can get for the least amount of money possible, am i right?

what sort of meals do you like to eat?
any food ideas for a lazy girl like me?

* note: "cooking" is totally different from "baking" in my book.  on a quiet friday night, with some good music, i find baking to be incredibly relaxing.  i love it so!

{all photos borrowed from angela hardison's blog}