Friday, June 3, 2011

California Dreamin'

Ahh.... post graduation ennui - what better time to indulge in thoughtless drinking and mindless leisure? Unfortunately, I can't afford that kind of luxury (I probably don't want it anyway) and so it's off on series of bus stops, wet days, she's there, I say. There's still plenty of thoughtless drinking. But I'm on vacation.

New bar, old tricks. After midnight in crime city. Drinking alone's no fun but somebody's gotta do it.

Delta girls know how to get down. Rowan's performing a signature dance move that's sure to make her a star. 

Antioch doesn't hide its classicism. Drink domestic or get the fuck out.

Starting early. That's early in the day and early in life.


Not sure why I never realized Brett is Crispin Glover. That's a compliment, by the way.

Oh good.

Blushing bride. This girl...

The wedding singers. Mind is furry at this point.

BEHOLD, the quest for the shuffleboard table of the covenant is consummate. 
I shuffled .660 
Time for the majors. 

Shit. Do I go anywhere that doesn't serve drinks? Is this a campaign headquarters? Didn't get to find out. We got 86'ed.

I should have bought this shirt.

Oh! And I ate some food...