Friday, May 20, 2011

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  • conradzoo
    Sep 13, 03:07 PM
    I would really like to see what the difference in size between the new nanos and old nanos is. if it really is 52% smaller, which doesn't look it from the picture, I will definitely consider picking one up. has anyone seen any side by side pictures of the new and old nano?

    The package is 52% smaller.

    The new Nano just a fraction thinner.

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  • Sti-R
    Oct 10, 07:04 PM

    This is the small headquarters of :)

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  • maclook
    Nov 2, 08:46 PM
    i like Apple because they stick to their guns. The guys that work there must be really smart so if they think that Flash is detrimental to the computer experience they want to offer, I trust them. They might be abusing their power, but, hey, it's all for bettering the future of computing.

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  • lmalave
    Nov 6, 11:50 PM
    Where is my 2 lb Apple laptop? Sony has one. Panasonic has one.

    My prediction: Apple will eventually come out with a 10.6" widescreen "MacBook mini". I think it'll more like 3 lbs, not 2 lbs, though, since that Sony laptop does not have an optical drive. I hope Apple doesn't do away with the optical drive (and I don't think they will), since I think that being a portable DVD player is really a core function of laptops at this point, at least a multimedia and consumer centered laptop (which a MacBook mini would be).

    I've seen the Fujitsu 10.6" LifeBook laptops with built-in optical drive and they are sweeeeeeeeeeeet!:

    One thing about the Fujitsu computers though - they are *expensive* (about $2000). Since Apple is one of the best companies in the world at making very compact products, maybe they can release a game-changing computer in this category. I mean, what if Apple were to basically release the MacBook, just with a smaller screen - and for about the same price as the MacBook!! Apple would have a monster hit on its hands, IMHO. It would be extremely popular with a lot of customers, but especially with students that are already carrying already heavy books, etc. in their bookbags, and would love a lighter, more compact computer...

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  • MattyMac
    Aug 3, 10:22 PM
    Man, August 7th can't come soon enough! :D
    Yeah man.

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  • JackSYi
    Jul 22, 10:37 PM
    I would definitely want to read it in print form.

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  • JSchwage
    Sep 12, 02:07 PM
    I don't like the dark grey sliders.
    Same with me. Why did they have to get rid of the Aqua style interface? I loved the glassy look before. But besides that, I love iTunes 7! :D

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  • Neuro
    Sep 12, 05:19 PM
    I think iTunes 7 looks great. The main improvement to me is the speed increase. I find scrolling up and down the library is so much faster. Hopefully this is a nod to new UI components in Leopard?

    In terms of people finding it slower, isn't this just because it's working out all your gapless audio and downloading cover art after installing??

    I also like the new scrollbars etc. I think if anything, they are more Unix or Sun/Java-like, certainly not Windows. I honestly think the candy-blue Aqua theme is disgusting. It served a purpose to be different, but now it needs to look sophisticated, which I think they have achieved.

    The eye-candy of the cover-art view is brilliant. It really works as a UI. It genuinely makes me look at my library in a different way. I've already listened to loads of stuff that was gathering dust.

    Well done Apple.

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  • TheSVD
    Mar 10, 06:55 AM
    Here's one more. Having grown up there, I'm quite familiar with the place as well. I should see it as a challenge but the familiarity makes it a difficult place for me to photograph. (
    thats really, really good.. the black and white really suits it and the reflection in the water looks great too! beautiful image man :)

    mine for today.. a bit of 'no real subject' photo, but i like the lines of the photo.. the fence & stairs leading up :) (
    Stairs ( by TheSVD (, on Flickr

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  • kminov
    Nov 7, 04:43 AM
    let's hope they release it soon, although it's a bit frustrating for those who bought core duo models recently for the same price. kind of drawback on apple

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  • mdelvecchio
    Mar 29, 03:19 PM
    As for the voice command thing - I don't really care. It's not like it takes that long to press an icon, although it might help some in the cold wiinter when I have gloves on.

    it takes many taps to dial an odd number you dont use often.

    also, if this rumor is true, it would be for more than just dialing, as that is current tech.

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  • Nomadski
    May 5, 08:24 AM
    I would always want an offline firmware update and local backup available, so wifi iOS updating is definitely not what I want. Got burned a few years back on a Belkin router that died during an online firmware update so im never going try that again.

    Too much stuff is heading for the cloud. I want it on terra firma thankyouverymuch.

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  • Lyra
    Nov 8, 09:16 AM
    "What?? They released them already?? But I just bought...GAH!!!!!"- C.M.Sevilla


    In fact I just called the store and said to them; "Uh, what's wrong with this picture, I paid more for an outdated Macbook and I still haven't received it"...

    So he said that he'll cancel the original order and place a new one.

    See, I even added an extra 512MB RAM to the original order cause I had to have it with at least 1GB of ram. Glad to see it is now included in the in-store versions.

    But it was terribly close, cause they promised me the MacBook for this week and since it still didn't show up, I was getting suspicious. I guess I was right, they did release new MacBooks. I just didn't expect it...

    In any event, all is well, and they will reorder the MacBook with Core2Duo and it might take longer but I'll save some money and I'll get a better machine that is BRAND new...

    So that's my story to share on a "How close were you to buy an old mac Today" story...

    Have fun guys... and if I get it soon, I'll let you know just how well it performs and if Rosetta is still a drag... "it probably is..." but at least I'll be able to use Aperture without a problem on it...

    :) :D

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  • InkMaster
    Jan 11, 03:14 PM
    the color tone is similar to the Apple TV.

    hahaha, so what, now we're matching colours? looking for some hidden meaning behind them? ;) Wow, this is more exciting then the Da Vinci Code

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  • cdinca
    Jan 11, 05:33 PM
    If you look at the picture of the iPhone poster, it seems to have a couple of subtle differences compared to my iPhone:

    3) Look very, very carefully at the top left hand corner: Is there a front facing camera hidden amongst the reflections?

    I say no on this one

    but does look like icons on the desktop.

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  • failsafe1
    Nov 27, 10:52 AM
    Glad to see this if it is going to help iTunes but for me I have never like Beatles music. Other than one or two tunes. Almost every artist has a good tune.

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  • sam10685
    Aug 8, 01:03 AM
    I'm not holding my breath on the Top secret could have been a joke.

    ALTHOUGH, Tiger included some features that were so top secret--like the exclusive dotMac widgets--that Apple couldn't even include them in the final release, so you never know! ;)

    hopefully we do get some really good "top-secret" stuff. Time Machine sounds like the utility in windose xp called systen restore and Spaces sounds like Expos�.

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  • sunfast
    Aug 8, 09:29 AM
    Also I think FrontRow will be bluetooth enabled (with new remote) when Leopard ships so MacPros can use it.

    Provided they added the BT option.....

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  • minnesotamacman
    Oct 16, 09:30 AM
    Want to really make it good, be able to do wireless between the iPod and the Zune. That will get Bill Gate's undies in a twist!

    Mar 18, 04:26 PM
    As I eagerly await delivery of my first iPad, I know that I want an iPod that will only play music. When I am exercising, I don't want to receive phone calls or emails, I just want music, and I want a device that will hold all of my 12,145 songs, with room to grow.

    I don't needs apps, I don't want communication...I just want music.

    future post:

    Well now that i have an iPod that can hold all my music, and runs great apps, I am even happier!
    You don't have to setup e-mail on it if you don't want to ;)

    Mar 29, 01:02 AM
    Event sells out when there are fewer seats. it could just be another strategy to create news. When you have too many empty seats, it does not look good for the the press nor the attendees.

    A company would rather have a news that says "sold out" than too many left overs.

    Aug 3, 12:15 AM
    this was really nice to rant and rave about nothing. some frivilous fighting each other. some flaming. some misinformation. some information.

    but mostly garbage that EVERYONE argues and over reacted about. once the fog settled, turns out to be less than a days worth of argrivation.

    new rule: take all os x vulnerabilities with a grain of salt, [in some situations with a whole bag of salt]

    someone call me once my macbook is ACTUALLY comprimised.

    Mar 21, 11:17 PM
    After he received the iPad2, he scrambled around his house looking for other things to return, with a same stickie note attached.
    Playboy subscription - Wife says no. Hugh says yes, as a bunny shows up at his door.

    Mar 29, 10:23 AM
    This would be nice as long as my iPhone understands what I am saying. When I first got my iPhone 3GS (with iOS 3) I thought the voice recognition was excellent. However, since the update to iOS 4 the phone and I seem to be able to communicate. If I set it to use English (American) and fake an accent then it seems to work OK but not if it is set to English (British). I don't know what Apple did but having this functionality cease to working after an update, and never be fixed (judging by the Apple Support Discussion site, I'm not the only person to have encountered this), gives me cause for concern for future voice functionality.