Friday, May 6, 2011

Traveled 28 hours door to door: saw 3 movies

Five planes on April 24-25: San Antonio - Dallas - Indianapolis - Detroit - Paris - Nice.
Saw random episodes of some TV series, like The Mentalist and some odd series with Ted Danson (?).
Saw Going the Distance (Nanette Burstein, 2010). Stupid French title Trop loin pour toi. Not really a romcom, because it's much more rom than com. Drew Barrymore always perfect for that sort of product, but I still don't really get the Justin Long thing.
Saw Little Fockers (Paul Weitz, 2010). Stupid French title Mon beau-père et nous. Not as funny as the second one, but very entertaining. I'm a Ben Stiller fan anyway.
Saw True Grit (Coen Brothers, 2010). I'm a great admirer of the Coen brothers. But for some reason I didn't like this one so much. Maybe because of the genre. Maybe because my back and butt hurt, as they do when I fly for hours with the other destitute third class passengers.