Thursday, May 12, 2011

travel treasures

i took a walk today and ended up over on jenna's fabulous design blog, design sparrow.  unfortunately she wasn't home. right now she's off having amazing adventures in africa {i know, i'm so jealous too!}, so i left a guest post over there for all of you guys along with her regular readers.  it's all about my favorite, most awesomest travel treasure in the world!  a little hint:

{our awesome travel treasure was really hard to get through customs.}

head over to design sparrow to read all about it.  
and while you're over there, scroll down to her photos from her last trip to africa. 
 they're amazing {like the one where she got to pet a cheetah}!

ps - i'm just going to be honest here - i'll be shamelessly promoting our concert this weekend, supporting singer/songwriter joe gil at the hotel cafe, all week.  10pm, may 14, following deana carter {remember her? country singer from the 90's.}