Monday, May 9, 2011

time to celebrate!

i'm taking a break from my "good deeds" posts this week to celebrate several amazing people in my life and their special days which occurred over the weekend {although we're still working on finding a location for our bake sale. if anyone knows of a gallery, shop or cafe in the LA area, please let me know}.
1.}  of course, yesterday was mother's day, the day to celebrate that amazing woman who brought you into the world and helped raise you to be the person you are today.  my mom was amazing - compassionate, strong, & good humored, plus she taught me how to be an independent woman {aka - handling problems around the house without the help of any boys}.  thanks for everything mom!!!

2.}  yesterday was also a special day because it was the mister's birthday!!! that's right, my partner in life and crime {oh, er, forget i said the part about "crime"}, the man who cooks me food, builds me furniture, and supports all my crazy ideas. we've been on many adventures over the years and i'm so glad to have had him in my life.  31 years are behind him, and a new one is just beginning - hopefully the best one yet!  

3.}  and saturday was my big sister's birthday!! she worked hard to give me awesome holidays growing up, taught me everything i needed to know about perms, madonna, & all the other wonderful things in the 80's, and she just moved all her kids to live on a farm in the country.  she's one talented crafter, artist, & creative spirit.  i hope your birthday was the best jenny!

yup, i'm pretty glad for all of these people.
here's wishing these three, and all the rest of us, a terrifically fantastic week!