Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thoughts on Thor

-Okay. If you're gonna put Loki in a movie, make him Loki-ish. For god's sake, the God of Mischief should get more face time than a couple silver tongue mentions and spoiler-ific bad-guy-ness. Damn.

-Not a bad movie. Chris Hemsworth fairs better as a leading man than so many others before him, and the script wisely plays up the more ridiculous aspects of the character. Kenneth Branagh, y'know.

-Natalie Portman has this nice moment where, as a script-described dedicated, stone-cold astrophysicist, she bursts into giggles at the attentions of Thor and his charm, and even her mentor and assistant, played by Stellan Skarsgaard and Kat Dennings, bow and curtsy under his gaze.

-Hawkeye gets some bit screentime (plus, I think, the post-credits scene, but I didn't stick around to find out), and Tony Stark is briefly mentioned, and probably Nick Fury. So it felt kind of prequel-y, you know, like everyone involved knows that this is just around to setup the much-ballyhooed Avengers movie.

-Still, even if I can't have my Sandman series Loki, Tim Hiddleston does some nice grounding in a character who the script can't decide is sympathetic or not. Anthony Hopkins is surprisingly subtle as Odin, wisely father of Thor and Loki, king of Asgard, what have you.

-Fuck Jaimie Alexander. I don't buy her as badass. I don't buy her as anything. Fuck her.

-Ray Stevenson, Joshua Dallas, and Tadanobu Asana (and her), are resident Mighty Warriors of Asgard and friends of Thor and Loki (then just Thor), who try to think of ways to save him from Earth and junk. They amuse me. More on them never, probably, as I'll forget, so leave me alone.

-Idris Elba. Fuck yeah.

-Overall, neither hero nor villain are completely sympathetic or completely terrible. Basically, it all comes down to their daddy issues, and how they dealt with them, and how they took his (Odin's) lessons. Loki, as shitty as he is sometimes, is never motivated by malice or greed, and you can't even say his actions are wrong. Thor, meanwhile, grows throughout the movie from a douchey, implusive idiot to, uh, Thor...

-I lost my train of thought.