Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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  • arn
    Jan 9, 06:22 PM
    Originally posted by Doctor Q
    How do you toggle it the other way?

    same url


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  • MacDaddy08
    Apr 4, 12:50 PM
    Both cases have the stretching silicone problem. But the Neohybrid Matte has it worst. Also it does not cover the ports unless you buy the separate covers set.

    How about the Neo Hybrid EX.

    I just got the Neo Hybrid EX and I love it. I have the Gunmetal one and it looks great, almost looks naked. It comes with front and back films also, although I already had a set on.

    I bought it from, they have a TON of popular cases for the iPhone 4 and they're cheaper than most places. You have to wait about 1-2 weeks for your stuff because it comes from China but it's legit. I received my case in about 1 1/2 weeks.

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  • fswmacguy
    Apr 4, 09:22 PM
    I bought my 13-inch MBA back in the winter and it's the best notebook I have ever used.

    I say it's a notebook because it doesn't feel like a netbook. It's got a big trackpad, a full-size keyboard, a gorgeous high-DPI display, it's super thin. And it runs Logic Express smooth as silk. A netbook can't do those things.

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  • KPOM
    Apr 16, 12:06 AM
    Any statistics available for those who have one vs the other by any chance?

    See the AnandTech article or the referenced MacRumors thread. The Samsung drive appears about 15-20% faster in some of the benchmarks.

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  • Slix
    Apr 4, 03:56 PM
    MacBook Air is awesome because they're so small. People want that in a product.

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  • Chris L
    Sep 13, 09:40 AM
    The 5G iPods still can't display any more than 320 x 240 pixels; the only way you'll be able to see the full 640 x 480 resolution is to output it to a TV or watch it on your computer.

    I'm hoping that Apple will announce at MacWorld Expo that it's putting digital TV tuners in the 24" iMac. The tuners are cheap now and do NTSC, ATSC, and QAM (digital cable). Now that would be a good use for that big screen!

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  • SilentPanda
    Aug 23, 10:51 AM
    So now I'm pissed. I used to work on papers at home and save them on my iDisk and access them for further editing and printing at school. But I can't access my iDisk from the PC's (they have network drive mapping locked up). Plus I'm just angry in general about them getting rid of all the Macs.

    You should be able to access your files (and you can password protect it too) from you .Mac homepage... still stinks you can't map to a network drive (and that the iMac's are stowed away)... but that should work for ya.

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  • simsaladimbamba
    Apr 27, 03:37 PM
    ok so in itunes if I "convert to aac" is that taking my 320 and breaking it down?

    I don't understand the last part, but I presume you meant to ask how iTunes transcodes to 320Kbit/s? Go to Preferences in iTunes like shown here ( and select AAC and the bitrate you want and then you can re-rip the audio CDs.

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  • dsnort
    Oct 11, 09:45 PM
    ... I realize Apple will need what Open Office doesn't have: Marketing Dollars.

    Maybe if they just bundle it with new macs......:D

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  • iphone3gs16gb
    Mar 18, 11:24 PM
    Gorilla Glass might be a good idea...

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  • alecxx
    May 8, 08:19 AM
    i got a 16 itouch in pristine conditions,but i'm in rome, so trade will not be that easy...

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  • martinX
    Mar 23, 04:17 PM
    iDive looks like a good way to catalog. I'll check it out. Do you suggest importing in DV format or any other one?
    You're coming from 8mm tape. DV can't make it any worse and anything else (IMO) would be overkill in terms of space for no increase in quality, either during acquisition, editing or output.

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  • AykDaddy
    Apr 13, 03:52 AM
    huh? i got my iphone 4 at tmobile and got it unlocked for 100� after explaining to them that i'll be uproad for some time and need to use a foreign sim. was no prob at all. u cant expect someone to use their sim in australia for example. ud be broke after usin the net for 5 mins ^^

    I did the same right after i got my new iPhone 4 and they refused to do it referring to the 2 year service agreement. After 2 years you can unlock it for free, within the 2 years you cant at least thats what they told me.

    Lucky you i guess :D

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  • Lyubomir1001
    Dec 29, 05:24 PM
    Somebody please post a guide or video (more preferred) on how to jailbreak 4.2.1 ipod touch 4th gen.

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  • Phillie14586
    Apr 26, 06:40 AM
    I have a mid 2010 MacPro that has had some video problems ever since I got it. I am trying to determine if it is a cable problem or some problem with the video card. I have a monitor connected via the DVI port and this has no problems. I have my TV connected via a minidisplayport with a MDP to HDMI adapter to HDMI cat 5 extender. This is what is giving me problems. Swapping out all this will cost over $100 so I would like to confirm that it is not a hardware issue with the computer if possible.

    I run the TV as a second monitor ans when I first set it up at the beginning of the year it would intermittently not detect the TV. I fiddled with things and removed some HTPC programs that were throwing a lot of things to the console logs. I finally got it working just fine for about 2 months. Now all of a sudden it will not always detect the TV. What I need to do to get it working again is to unplug the MDP plug and wait about 15-20 seconds then carefully plug it back in. It may take several times but eventually it will work. Just fiddling with the cables does nothing. There are times I get video but either no audio or audio with a lot of electronic distortion. The only way to fix this is to restart the computer. I am using XBMC as my HTPC software. What is new now is when I am watching a recording the video will go black and the audio will stop for 15-30 sec then the video comes back but no audio for another 15-20 seconds. I can rewind the recording to before it happened and watch with no problem through that section so i don't think it is a corrupted file.

    I have looked through console logs but I have no idea what I am looking for if there is a hardware issue. Any thoughts on how to determine if it is a video card issue before I start changing all the wires to the TV? One though I did have was to get a MDP to DVI adapter and connect my monitor to the other MDP port. If it is a MDP port problem then is should happen with both the monitor and the TV.

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  • Benjamin
    Oct 10, 06:30 PM

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  • themyst
    Apr 14, 08:19 PM
    I just saved my 4.3.1 SHSH blob while on 4.3 using TinyUmbrella.

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  • fireshot91
    Oct 29, 03:31 PM
    I cannot wait for it to come out.

    Shining Down is definitely one of his best songs, and it's going to be on LASERS.

    I have a question though, what's going on with LupE.N.D? That was his trilogy album release that's supposed to come out after LASERS right?

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  • AlBDamned
    Sep 22, 04:39 AM
    I'm trying to work this out from the Apple site but am banging my head against a brick wall.

    My friend at work is wanting to buy a Mac and some other bits from Apple for his kids to use. One is at Junior School and one at Secondary School..... do they qualify for the Educational Discount??

    Everything I see on the Apple website says "I'm over 18..."



    If know one knows then I guess I'll ring them.

    Online, I think you can only get into the edu part of the store from a verified education server/computer, i.e. one from a school.

    Not sure about the process in store for kids.

    Jun 20, 10:28 AM
    Any pics?

    Mar 14, 03:57 PM
    What are we supposed to make fun of now?

    Of course I guess just because the product is dead doesn't mean we can't keep making fun of ole' poo brown Zune.

    Officially confirms that this was a really, really bad idea:

    Nah, the icon itself is super cool. I'm sure the Zune is obscure enough that he can say that he designed the icon himself.

    Apr 3, 12:30 PM
    ^^^ Can you post the link it refers to?

    the ad is gone now and can't find it again. as soon as i see it again i will.

    Anonymous Freak
    Apr 11, 06:35 PM
    If you search, you can find a download link that is hosted on Microsoft's own servers. (Or, their digital-distribution partner, Digital River, anyway.)

    Mar 28, 12:32 AM
    eMacs are still the best dedicated iTunes machine around. Those speakers are incredible. I have the all-white 1GHz w/Gig RAM. Sadly I think the FW port has stopped working.