Tuesday, May 17, 2011

sing little songbird

i had an amazing weekend!

as i'm sure you can imagine, a large part of that was due to our concert with joe gil at the hotel cafe.  
 everything went fine and it was fun to see so many friends {and even some family} there supporting us.  
i couldn't hear any of us very well {the sound guy was less than stellar}, but i had oh so much fun singing up on stage again.  i really do miss that, and the passion within me to perform has definitely been reignited.  
look out world!
{mr. joe gil
 {me + dannon}

a few other fun musical things from my weekend...
running into sia at intelligentsia {one of my favorite artists & activists},
learning to play "the cowboy song" on the ukulele {from joe vs. the volcano},
getting to hang out with the incredibly sweet guys from the daylights, and experience the awesomeness/beauty that is their concert! seriously, if you get a chance to see the daylights, DO IT.

{these photos were taken by one of dannon's friends, notes from vivace.  aren't they amazing?}

all in all, it was a pretty great weekend!  i'm really excited about this week too because i'll be working on a couple awesome projects {more to come on that soon}. we'll also be ending the week on a high note, at the silver lake jubilee, a two-day arts festival that some friends of ours started.  there will be a bunch of great bands, comedians, poets, and artists.  you can be sure to find me at the lady danvillethe little ones shows 
{if you've followed me for a looong time, you may remember me featuring the little ones here.}  
come join us if you can!

i also made a playlist for an extra boost in inspiration and motivation this week,
which i hope may be of assistance to you too:


have a fantastic tuesday everyone!