Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"eep!" she exclaimed in excitement...

i have some exciting news!

if you follow me on twitter, you probably already know about this, but i can officially tell
the world now that i am part of a band! i get to dive into music again and sing with a very talented singer/songwriter...  in front of real live people! at the hotel cafe in hollywood!
bonus - the music is truly absolutely beautiful.

this singer/songwriter that i'm talking about is joe gil.  he's an up and coming musician, having just had one of his songs picked up by mtv, so he's beginning to get a bit more exposure.  his music is just lovely and perfect for long drives through the country or nights in reminiscing with old photos.  you can hear all of his songs by clicking on his name above, which i highly recommend.  i have also added one of my favorites
of his here for your listening pleasure:

{i know, it's so amazing right?!}

we met joe at a friend's concert only to discover we have several friends in common from back east.  the mister began playing violin for joe right away and recommended me as a singer, so last night i finally got to meet up for practice and gave it a go.  things went smashingly and i am so excited to be doing music
again, especially with joe {he has such an amazing voice!}.

if you are in/around LA on saturday, may 14, stop on by the hotel cafe to hear joe gil
{as well as dannon and yours truly}.  it's going to be a phenomenal show.