Thursday, May 19, 2011

professional style

being on the big search for a job, means that i think a lot about two things: 
1. all the bills i'll get to pay with my paycheck {woohoo!}.
2. all the cute professional clothes i'll need to buy.

when i worked at my desk job, the one thing i really looked forward to was dressing up in professional, business-woman attire {well, okay, that and the awesome view from our downtown san francisco office}.  i loved having that daily excuse to look classy.  now that i'm a therapist, i have to be careful.  sure, i want to look professional, but i also want my overall appearance to be warm and inviting, not too harsh or businessy.  unfortunately, after 3 years working at a lawfirm, plus a couple more years of being a grad student, i don't have many clothes that fit this category.  so as part of my preparation for that future job of mine {and part of my attempt to kill time in a job-related manner} i have been looking for affordable therapist garb.
what have i found?

these are of course all from my favorite shop ruche, which has the warmest clothes {emotionally speaking}, all for very affordable prices {they also often have some of the same stuff as modcloth, only $10 cheaper. truth!}.  this week i have been feeling extra inspired with my job hunt.  hopefully soon i'll get to stop daydreaming and go shopping for some therapist clothes in real life! 

do you get to dress up for work?
do you have a favorite shop for your professional wardrobe?