Sunday, May 29, 2011

Oh no! Don't Let the Rain Come Down...

I went for an early morning walk today before time for church.  It was warm and humid, but at least it wasn't raining.  I saw several bunnies.  Must be a good year for them because I have been seeing them everywhere lately.

There is a lot of mud everywhere and standing water in a lot of places still.  I saw some irises in the park.  These yellow ones weren't doing too badly, but the purple ones all had their heads beaten down by the rain.  The colors were pretty, at least.

This brick pathway had standing water over the whole length of it.

No kids were playing on the playground.  A moat of water was around the equipment, and no drawbridges were lowered where a crossing could be made.

The weeds have taken over the ground under the big trees in the park.  It has just been too wet for the parks department workers to get the mowers in there to mow.  Quite a few spots have big puddles of standing water.

They did mow this one section of the park, but you can see the ruts left behind by the mower tires.  They must have given up after this.

I walked past quite a large area of honeysuckle growing along the road.  The blossoms looked delicate and lacy and smelled heavenly.

I walked by the buzzard tree and, out of habit, looked up to see if they were there.  Not only were they there, but they were doing something I've never seen them do before.  They were perched in the top branches of the tree as usual, but they had their wings spread out as if they were sunning themselves--either trying to warm or perhaps dry out their wings.  It seemed quite odd to see them doing that.

On the way home, I saw these beautiful irises growing next to someone's house.

At another house, I saw these decorations in the flower beds.  They looked like stacked up dishes, plates, bowls, cake holders, vases, and such.  I'm not sure if that is what they were, or if they were just yard ornaments made to look like stacked dishes.  The bright colors and sparkling glass did make for pretty garden decorations.

The rains returned this afternoon.  We had high winds and storms with lightning and thunder and a tornado warning for our county.  We hid out in the basement and waited for the storm to pass us.  There was quite a bit of wind damage in other parts, but not much in our town except for one very large tree that was knocked down and damaged in the park.  I went for a second walk through the park tonight and saw the damaged tree then.  I didn't have the camera with me, that trip, though, so I didn't get a picture of the downed tree.

We've had enough rain for a while now.  I'm ready for a few sunny days to take their place.  Oh no!  Don't let the Rain Come Down...