Thursday, May 19, 2011

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  • snebes
    Apr 7, 10:51 AM
    You would read the XML file like a text file, not into an XML reader. That way you could just do something like this:

    $xmlstr = file_get_contents('an.xml');
    $result = preg_replace("#<LineStatus ID=\"1\".*?</LineStatus>#si", "", $xmlstr);
    // save $result to file or whatever.

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  • Cavan2211
    Apr 29, 04:35 PM
    Seems they really got a jb but won't release it yet

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  • aurius
    Feb 15, 10:16 PM
    I'd be surprised if anyone would buy anything this old, as it is probably too slow to do anything productive, and even the parts are so outdated that they would be of no use to anyone. You might get more interest if you offered to give it away for free, but in all honesty, if I owned such a machine these days, I would simply throw it out.

    Sorry if I sound a little harsh. Just being realistic. :)

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  • RogueLdr
    Oct 8, 02:45 AM
    I assume that we are only talking about a reciever component at this time?

    If that is the case, then a $2,000 reciever would have to have every conceivable bell and whistle to garner that price. By that I mean support for THX Ultra and/or THX Select audio and support for Dolby Digital EX standards, auto-adjustment to sound level determined by a user-defined seating position in relation to the speaker placement (a'la Bose Lifestyles systems), and somewhere in the neighborhood of a million possible sound sources (an exaggeration to be sure, but you get my point.)

    I would welcome a reciever with all of these features rolled into one, and might be willing to shell out the cash to get one, but unless it does everything, Apple compatibility will not be enough to justify such a high price.


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  • question fear
    Sep 27, 09:15 PM
    Who here saw "Commander in Chief"? I thought it was incredibly well written, Geena Davis did an amazing job, as did Donald Sutherland. I think if they continue on the path they were on tonight, addressing the types of issues a female president would encounter, rather than skirting them, it could be a very compelling drama.
    Any thoughts?

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  • iThinkergoiMac
    Apr 27, 06:02 AM
    The blinking folder/question mark icon means the computer can't find a viable OS to boot from. You never did answer Intell's question: did you install OS X onto the replacement drives? You can't boot from a blank HDD.

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  • happy.buddha
    Dec 3, 10:35 AM
    I've got an extra pair that aren't being used, just send me your address and I'll mail them to you.

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  • steve_hill4
    Aug 10, 04:18 AM
    Does that mean that VirtualPC is now abandonware and can be distributed freely?
    Doubt it. This is Microsoft remember. Also, I think it is still going to get sold for PPC, it's just they no longer plan a Intel/Universal build of it.

    Give it up to when it is no longer available to buy for PPC then it becomes abandonware I believe.

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  • Blue Velvet
    Feb 21, 03:52 PM
    Here you go... (


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  • Chimera
    Oct 26, 06:54 AM
    Definately not as intuitive as a scroll whell but if Apple couldn't/can't implement it with its engineering prowess I doubt anyone else could.

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  • Zimmy68
    Feb 18, 09:03 AM
    If they are charging more for the WAV, it better be 24bit resolution.

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  • WhatAmI
    May 3, 01:17 PM
    Clown ass sw?

    I've been on iClarified. I am doing the right stuff, it just isn't working. The application shuts down after a few minutes.

    Ok so tell me, who released the iUnlocked sw you're referring to? Chronic-Dev, ih8sn0w or Dev-Team? =)

    Use redsn0w:

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  • Transporteur
    Apr 18, 06:07 AM
    The 30" requires a dualLink DVI connection, not mini DisplayPort, so forget ALL the adapters you've got there.

    Basically all PCs these days have a dualLink DVI port, so no adapter required, it's just plug and play.

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  • Coleman2010
    Apr 19, 12:49 PM
    or if some user is trustworthy just create an optimum ID for an overseas person so they get their own email address but can't do anything to the parent account.
    That's exactly what I was thinking. I'll have to test if only the master account works in the iPad app.

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  • MacDawg
    Jan 27, 02:58 PM
    No problems

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  • skoker
    Nov 23, 12:43 PM
    Constructive comment: I've seen people on these forums get about $700 for that system.

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  • larswik
    May 2, 01:49 AM
    Thanks for that. The teacher likes to toss in trick questions and I almost want to say this question is TRUE except for the part that says "Subscripts may be of different types as long as they are ordered." Even if Subscripts are of a different type that is not going to effect the array type. If they are ordered the array will still be initialized, right?

    That is not giving away the answer, but I am leaning towards True as the result for the answer for the question.

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  • jackerin
    Feb 21, 07:19 PM
    How does the MP3/M4A sound played in iTunes compared to played in Quicktime and opened in Audacity?

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  • mavrick422
    Oct 8, 01:53 PM
    i just checked, and it looks like if you go to, the url no longer is redirected to "", but the url stays as "" and loads apple's homepage. the hyperlinks throughout the page are also "",etc. does this mean apple's moving to make a real website?????

    Dec 8, 06:02 AM
    Hi Guys,

    I'm having coupon templates designed by a professional graphic designer for a local coupon magazine I'm setting up. The coupon will be an actual full advertiser page.

    The Templates will be designed in adobe illustrator and will be un-editable except for the text which I will need to change for the different coupon offers I have to create each time I create a different coupon offer and also an image area where I can insert an image for each new coupon.

    So what I need to do is just edit/change the text content and image, for each coupon I create.
    The graphic designer said I will need to buy adobe illustrator in order to edit the text and image in the coupon templates, I don't have any experience with graphic design programs and I'm thinking that illustrator may be to difficult for me to use. is it true that I will need illustrator to edit the templates or could anyone please recommend a simple program for editing text and uploading images onto an illustrator created template which then needs to be submitted to a print company in pdf files for commercial printing.


    Mar 24, 08:23 PM
    As low as zero (no kidding) to maybe $300 or so. But then an original box, packaging, manuals, etc—but no Mac—sold for $536. Go figure.

    The practical value is basically nothing. The collector's value is whatever the market will bear. Find the right sucker collector, and you could get a few grand out of it. You'd probably get the most return by donating it to a museum and claiming a deduction.

    May 5, 10:34 PM
    Even if you could convert from the iPod, it wouldn't matter because you're dealing with the same compressed AAC file whether it's on the iPod or your computer.I like AAC,but then I have an iPod.I could hear artifacts of the compression with 128k mp3,I don't with 128k AAC. Extensive listening with headphones has yet to reveal a problem, even with stuff I had on CD and had listened to over a hundred times.

    Oct 27, 02:11 PM
    Hey, I was in the first five people, don't know what my official number was. Here are some photos.

    Sep 12, 02:29 AM
    I was in high school at the time. Some friends and I were sitting around a table, waiting for school to start, and another kid walked up and said "tell me you know what the %&@ is going on" and then proceeded to explain what had happened.