Thursday, May 19, 2011

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  • Alaerian
    Apr 2, 01:06 AM
    A Newton, obviously. You aren't hardcore unless you have one o' thems.

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  • ddrueckhammer
    Oct 8, 02:53 PM
    I worked for a couple of years in the cell phone industry for a company that acts as an intermediary between cell phone companies for various products. As part of my job, I had to deal with various escalations departments for all of the carriers and found that T-mobile actually had pretty good customer service. Maybe not the best but certainly not the worst.

    Personally, I use T-mobile now and get a few more dropped calls than if I were using Verizon but they are also cheaper and have much nicer phones because they support GSM. I think that they are a solid choice if you live in top 100 markets but if not they just don't have the coverage. I really hope that they can expand their market to become competitive with Cingular and Verizon. Competition is always a good thing and I think that they would probably make a good partner for Apple.

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  • Lanbrown
    Oct 8, 03:36 PM
    But, so this business of using a new frequency is interesting. It seems quite a gamble, especially since it's just T-Mobile and apparently even just T-Mo North America. One replier above stated that these new phones will be based on WiMax. This seems suspect, because WiMax, as far as I know, only goes down to 2 GHz, and one of the frequencies T-Mo is spending so much money on is 1.7.... I wonder what the deep meaning of leaving the GSM frequency is going to be.....

    There is no such thing as a "GSM frequency." GSM is a technology, how that technology is implemented is a different story. You can currently find GSm on four bands; 850, 900, 1800 and 1900MHz. Adding it to the a fifth is not hard. The hard part will be finding a coompany to make a chipset and a phone manufacturer to use it. What T-Mo bought was for use for 3G/4G data plans. They still run into the issue of phone manufacturers and implementing a chipset just for them.

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  • benjayman2
    Nov 3, 03:41 AM
    i love this woman and i finally found a good wallpaper of her. :cool:

    Wow I love everything about this. Care to share? Not the wallpaper, but everything else would be greatly appreciated.

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  • redeye be
    Feb 15, 03:34 PM
    Don't have a product recomendation ready but looks like u will deffinetly need a document feeder. I have a flatbed scanner without feeder and wouldn't even dare to dream about scanning 100+ pages on the same day :eek:

    As for the usb, i don't think u should be concerned. A 2.0 scanner will work with your 1.0 PB ( :confused: - mine does ;) )

    You will however need good OCR software (could be in the package, could be the package sucks)

    Cheers and good luck searching.

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  • minifridge1138
    Apr 17, 11:42 AM
    I'm not an expert on flashing cards (I was thinking about it, but wimped out and bought an Apple card), but I haven't heard much about people flashing NVidia cards. Something about the amount of memory and the size of the firmware....

    It should be possible, I just haven't read about it happening.

    I'm intrigued by the ebay link you sent. If you decide to try it, make sure to post the results.

    However, for the $250 it costs you could buy a 5770 from Apple that you KNOW will work.

    Also, and i'm just throwing this out there, Lion is coming out soon. People with advance copies have reported that the new OS will recognize PC-based ATI cards right out of the box. No need to flash or pay the apple tax.

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  • SuperCachetes
    Mar 5, 01:02 PM
    I'm not a huge fan of her work, and I think she was way overrated when she first started getting built - but I have to admit she is picking up her game every year. This looks like a nice project.

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  • gkarris
    Mar 14, 05:25 PM
    No, I'm pretty sure Apple canceled the Zune. :D

    Or you could say Nokia...

    The Zune will just live on in Windows Mobile Phones and Nokia will be leading the front.

    Zunes with phone capabilities... :eek:

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  • puma1552
    Apr 21, 10:49 AM
    What would be the alternative? Put some Dr. Dre head phones in the box and have the iPod cost $80 more? To what end?

    Very few people care about the quality of the headphones that come with iPods. For those that do, they can buy nice set of headphones and not worry about the 10 cent ones that Apple puts in the box.

    If Apple put in a half decent set of headphones and increased the price by, say $20, the folks that want even better headphones would complain that they have to pay an extra $20 for headphones they'll never use.

    This is exactly my point--here we are saying that tons of people would complain about paying an extra $20 for headphones that weren't total garbage, but we are also saying how great it is that Apple sticks 6 billion dollars in the bank for three months' work, free and clear. So which is it? You want to line the pockets of the richest of the rich further, or you don't want to pay the extra $20 for decent headphones?

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  • Chef Medeski
    Sep 12, 08:37 PM
    In the file menu, I now have an option (greyed out) for Transfer purchases from iPod...not sure what that means given you can't currently buy stuff direct from your iPod...and pretty sure it wasn't there in Itunes 6...sounds intriguing though!

    Also - there a custom option for encoding rates from CD that takes you up to 320 kbps for AAC - can't remember that either in the previous version...
    Once you Authorize your iTunes, log in to iTunes Music Store, you can upload music from your iPod onto that computer or any computer signed into that account. Nifty, no? It could be done for years with 3rd party, but this is slicker.....:cool:

    just like apple... slick version of a software ... 3 yrs later

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  • Paul O'Keefe
    Mar 24, 09:31 AM
    That screen shot looks good. The interface looks a whole lot better. I'd prefer if it ran as OS X Native, but I might actually give this version a shot.

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  • macdatadrive
    Apr 30, 02:43 AM
    I agree. Most likely it is the hard drive. The blinking folder with the question mark is when it cannot find a bootable version of Mac OS X to boot from. Boot from the install disc and use disk utility. As you said, a hard drive shouldn't be too dear unless you get like a say 320GB solid state drive (hehe...)

    Good luck with that old Mac.

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  • arn
    Dec 31, 01:37 AM
    Originally posted by mrpuffypants
    ouch. Well, at least it's just the tabs.

    he was joking.... the tab code is freely available for use. :)


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  • Littleodie914
    Aug 23, 10:11 AM
    Aquisition for Mac OS X is also a very stable, very efficient and easy to use P2P program. I use it to preview songs before I actually buy them on iTMS... ;) Good luck!

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  • TEG
    Jan 18, 10:32 AM
    iToner still works with 1.1.3. However you must use m4a files with an m4r extenstion.


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  • viperGTS
    Jan 17, 10:09 PM
    try a plist edit.

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  • manowar
    Nov 13, 06:52 PM

    Here's my desktop :) The wallpaper is my own named Rockingpaper! :cool:

    Awesome, i have all of those albums :D

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  • simsaladimbamba
    Apr 27, 07:48 PM
    Upgrading RAM is quite easy. I don't know about PNY branded RAM, but I have heard good things of Crucial and Kingston RAM, I myself use CnMemory RAM in my 2009 MBP.

    Upgrading RAM in MacBooks and MacBook Pros (

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  • Macula
    Oct 25, 11:37 AM
    As Apple's market share increases, so will the fury of competitors, legislators, hackers and open source advocates alike.

    OS X is already cracking open (see for example, and it is now possible to run OS/X with very few glitches on any super-fast (if ugly) Dell machine or any other $300 x86 clone.

    Likewise, DRM is beginning to leak.

    I am curious to see for how long Apple will be able to safeguard its monopolies. Restricting its content (OS/X, music, video, etc.) to run only on its own hardware platform is a GREAT idea in principle, but I have serious doubts that it is technically VIABLE in the long term.

    This may turn out to be for Apple the greatest cost of its transition from PowerPC to Intel.

    nuclear MnMs
    Feb 21, 07:53 PM
    How does the MP3/M4A sound played in iTunes compared to played in Quicktime and opened in Audacity?

    Well this is interesting. I opened all three (QuickTime, Audacity, and GarageBand) to compare the quality of one song. Now, all of a sudden, GarageBand plays the song normally without altering any sounds. You'll have to take my word on the fact that at one point it did convert the song and remove bass, which is strange, but it now works as it should! :D

    Thank you for all your help, everyone!


    Apr 27, 03:52 PM
    If it opens in Parallels, then install the free and open-source PDFCreator tool over there, and capture what you want by printing to the virtual printer the PDFCreator tool installs. You can then do whatever you wish with the PDF files thus generated.

    And that will keep the interactive navigation? Like larkost said, PDF just isn't suitable for what Wiggum wants to do...

    Why do you need to change the HTML, Wiggum?

    Oct 26, 08:20 PM
    I can scrape my PDA (Dell Axim) up and down my carpet with no visible scratching.

    let me guess "just for ***** and giggles"! :)

    i can honestly see this as apple covering all their bases with a patent for any 'good idea' that has been discovered. as we are well aware, apple rules the roost in the digital audio player market, and i can see this as a way to protect such a valuable asset to the company.

    i expect it to have no physical buttons, and use some of the mentioned technology, but in an even more intuative way!


    Jan 3, 10:52 PM
    *gets excited for MWSF 07*


    May 2, 02:12 PM
    I'll be down until Time Warner comes and installs road runner in my house. I hope they come and install quick! Sucks as my 2gb data plan eats up quickly :(

    Should have my rig up to full power again. :D