Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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  • bella92108
    Mar 28, 12:00 AM
    Let's hope that's the case! My iPad 2 is a paperweight without jailbreak :)

    I agree, I switched to Android from iPhone on my phone... love Android's customizability on their phones... they're better... but Apple's tablet is better** (when Jailbroken) than Xoom... so need JB immediately to make iPad usable :-)

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  • magid
    Dec 19, 05:06 PM
    They should be to you either today or tomorrow, ive been busy lately and it took me a few days to get them out.

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  • dr Dunkel
    Apr 18, 11:48 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; sv-se) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    So, the next iPhone will be the iPhone 4G with, well, 4g? That would make sense.

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  • Eraserhead
    Oct 24, 05:38 PM
    I'm thinking a January release to compete with Vista. I wouldn't mind if they delayed until March to cram more features in, but at that point there's little they can do. Otherwise the Vista vs. reviews will be vs. Tiger not Leopard which will mean that Apple won't look like the innovator that it is. I suspect a free "10.6" may come in about a year with more business (and other) features to compete with SP1 (when they start buying Vista.)

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  • FOX160
    May 5, 11:40 AM
    One thing i found strange was that for example. Is that if I email my Mum
    and her name is Wendy. Now if I put in Wendy and add the email to
    sender it wont send.
    But I have to type in Mum has I have that in my address book and then
    attach to sender the email will send.

    Dont know if your doing that for example.

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  • Waluigi
    Dec 31, 12:03 AM
    As a professional web designer here is my input, take it for what it is worth:

    -Improved, more modern look with the tabs
    -Size of HTML file

    -Too much information coming at you at once with three columns instead of two
    -Larger Google Ads
    -Still not remotely consistent with the mac fourms in terms of style
    -Addition of additional color (light blue), which makes 4 (red, tan, white, and now blue)

    Overall, a good start, but there is still a lot more asthetic work to be done.


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  • Sneakz
    Aug 28, 02:35 PM
    I'm pretty certain that there is thread going on like this already somewhere on MacRumors.

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  • AppleNewton
    Mar 26, 07:27 PM
    it happened on my 13" MBP when using it with and HDTV with a HDMI-MiniDP adapter. when that happens i usually try shift control eject to put the display in 'sleep' and wake it back up without putting the machine to sleep and that helps too atleast in my situation. hopefully might be another alternative tip that works.

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  • macOSX-tastic
    Sep 23, 11:31 AM
    i know what you mean, i love the G5, But i also love the G4. i have also considered a purchase oof the G5, but would most like a G5 if i was going to be productive and only get previeous models for vintage i would have nowhere to put them!!!


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  • Blu101
    Nov 3, 11:03 PM
    Another car wallpaper :D

    *sigh* one day...:(

    With and without the dock:

    Link please.

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  • fly75
    Mar 16, 01:49 PM
    If the majority of this forum (not adressing or insulting you) would take of their Apple glasses, they would see the reality or at least the potential of the Windows Phone. I love my mac, but I am not biased to some cult.

    Windows Phone launched in November, since then they managed to deliver 10k+ apps (and no, 70% of them aren't spam) ! Faster than both iOS and Android app growth rate when they launched. Of course, Microsoft needs to play catch up right now but they surely DID deliver an almost bug-free system right out the box.
    Add that (apparently) they managed to sell around 600K+ phones only in February and the total is now around 2.5 million .. NOT bad for a starter, eh ?
    Microsoft spent half a bilion only on advertising. They also "bought" Nokia for 1 billion. They basically bought the best hardware manufacturer (IMO, a smartphone in 2011 with a price of >400$ made of plastic is a cheap joke! No wonder about that 500$ laptop Steve quote ..) thus being able to penetrate markets worldwide much faster. Nokia is still #1 in terms of popularity at least. Agressive to say the least..

    Have you actually used a WP? Every single time someone watched mine or played with it they went totally wow. Updates are coming and scheduled already.

    Joe Belfiore (the "chief" of WP department) was invited to AllThingsD and while being bashed by that old man Apple fanboy he kept his calm and also stayed totally pro also providing a 2-year time to become a big player.

    Android is now where it is because of the time they hit, not because of providing a better experience than iOS. They were the first to fight iOS while others were still cooking their own OS or were still using Symbian lol. It's still a laggy OS even with dual cores for crying out loud.
    I am not saying WP is going to beat iOS in 2 years, no way but I see it as Microsoft most ambitious project since 360. And look where that got.

    That's one way of looking at it.

    Another would be that Microsoft managed to fumble away a substantial foothold in the mobile marketplace before delivering WP7, while watching Apple and Google stake their claims.

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  • larswik
    May 2, 01:49 AM
    Thanks for that. The teacher likes to toss in trick questions and I almost want to say this question is TRUE except for the part that says "Subscripts may be of different types as long as they are ordered." Even if Subscripts are of a different type that is not going to effect the array type. If they are ordered the array will still be initialized, right?

    That is not giving away the answer, but I am leaning towards True as the result for the answer for the question.

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  • rick snagwell
    May 1, 11:32 PM
    I know it's not the right area to post...but i love it!!


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  • Coleman2010
    Apr 19, 01:57 PM
    @Coleman2010 Nahh... just created this email address now. It forwards to my regular gmail. Had I worked for Cablevision, I'm sure I would have found an easier way to do this :)

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  • Skika
    Apr 20, 05:14 AM
    I have a Sony handheld cam that has 5.1 built in sound recording, and although its nothing revolutionary it does sound nice and pick up sounds quite good. The mics for rear channels are on the back, the front are on the front.

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  • spidler
    Feb 12, 12:29 AM
    Hey, I recently found myself a PowerMac G3 350 mhrz and want to put OS X on it. It currently has 8.5 installed on it, so when I tryed to boot from the install disk I got the weird source-like jargin. Anyway, I tried to install the "9.2.1 Update" but it says that my Firmware is out-of-date and that I need to run the utilities from the CD Extra folder. Well, I think that the CD that I got when I bought this computer is from a G3 Server, so it doesn't look to have any firmware updates on it.

    Anyway, what should my next step be? Where would I find firmware updates that old? :p This compu will be worthless for me if I can't upgrade it to OS X, Classic is dead.

    Thanks for any help.

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  • netdog
    Jan 23, 11:07 AM
    Man, am I glad that I didn't get stuck on this Official Waiting For... list.

    Got my ACD in August and have been loving every minute of it. My regular old iSight works fine (and plugs into the back of the monitor). The screen is magnificent and performs beautifully.

    What is it that you guys are praying for in an update?

    Sure, panels are going to improve but unlike when a computer receives a major architectural update (as with Penryn and even more so with Nehalem), Apple just silently updates their screens all the time. The only major shift that I can see will be when the ACD goes LCD (I don't see that coming too soon for the 30") or perhaps when they introduce an even bigger display at an even bigger price.

    So what is it that you all are waiting for? Dive in. The water's fine.

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  • bushido
    Apr 12, 06:25 PM
    Agreed. Unfortunately, The FCC has been derelict in failing to bring the wireless providers to account.

    As to paying $170 to unlock an iPhone, why not simply jailbreak it and be done with it for a whole lot less money. One of the jailbreaks I have seen is quite simple, although it is specific to the particular iOS version which requires that it be done again every time there is an iOS update (after the jailbreak crew works out the new version).

    The store for non-Apple apps, "Cydia" (, is amusingly named.

    u make it sound so easy, the iPhone 4 can't be unlocked with the latest baseband yet

    After the 2 year contract, I do not see a reduction in my monthly Verizon bill. I have paid for the device, so why is there no reduction?

    exactly, thats how it works here in germany. u either buy it unlocked but not subsidized without a plan or u get it locked for like 1 euro and once your contract expires after 2 years u get it unlocked for free OR u pay 100 euro to get it unlocked right away which is still cheaper considering the iPhone itself was only 1 euro.

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  • kalex
    Apr 25, 11:41 AM
    Yes first post. VPN is VPN. setup it up and see if it works. If you go abroad you will most likely need proxy server since ABC and netflix apps are not home specific like cablevision app

    Apr 18, 12:47 PM
    "Kuo claims that the sixth-generation iPhone will be the model to carry a substantial redesign and could launch in the first half of 2012, even with a later-than-usual introduction of 2011's iPhone model."

    This is just r-tarded, a long wait for minor tech spec bumps, and then a short wait after that for a major revision?

    Might as well keep waiting until 2012 or move on to competing 4G phones.

    Oct 9, 03:29 AM
    I have a samsung t-809 with t-mobile as my provider. video-out, and the ability to customizable the four way keys (to something other then what they do out of the box) are disabled on the phone, along with a few other features (like the ability to ring and vibrate simultaneously... how silly!). So maybe they don't cripple them to the extent of other carriers, but they certainly still cripple them.
    Well, you got unlucky... my Moto v180 and v360 are both un-crippled, and I can customize my soft keys at top level, and the four-way button. I'd check into that with CS.

    Mar 15, 07:11 AM
    makes sense. I've never seen anybody that actually had one.

    Apr 19, 09:38 AM
    Touche Aristo, I forgot about the HDMI output on iPad 2.

    Only thing I see people on this board having a problem with (beyond allowing you to access their private network) is also giving you their optimum online login credentials, with which you can use to access their email, among other things.

    Not saying that no one would do it, but I wouldn't give that information out--especially since the credentials I am using to login with are not my own.

    But if you work out some sort of rules with somebody, I am sure some one would grant you access.

    Just my $.02

    Jun 23, 01:58 PM
    I'm planning on arriving around 4am. Showed up at the 3G launch around 7:30 and the line was ridiculous. And the demand for i
    phone 4 is 10x greater. Its going to be a long day....