Tuesday, May 3, 2011

it was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

on saturday i got to spend the day with brandi & dyan, two of the sweetest gals around! we began our day with a picnic brunch in the new silver lake meadow, then roamed through the farmers market, indulged in amazing gelato, and picked up sweet treasures along the way.  later, brandi and i got to have an amazing brainstorming session at my local coffee shop for our upcoming bake sale {which i'm totally psyched about!}.  it was an all around fantastic day - sunshine, summer dresses, & good friends!

{photo borrowed from dyan}

saturday night i was sitting at home alone when out of the corner of my eye i saw a huge piece of the kitchen floor move.  suddenly i realized it wasn't the floor, but a GIANT disgusting cockroach!  eeeek!!!  now i have never had a cockroach in my home before and to say i completely freaked out would be an understatement {i'm good with most bugs, but if my train trip in thailand proved anything, it's that i do NOT do cockroaches}.  chloe cat jumped to my rescue and chased it into the corner.  while she had it trapped, i ran across the kitchen counter to the sink where i grabbed the first poisonous thing i could find {a spray bottle full of bleach}. i jumped back onto the counter and back into kill position.  after about an hour of waiting for it to come out and trying to spray the thing when it did {missing every time}, i finally got my perfect shot as it ran right toward me through the middle of the floor.  thinking back on it, i'm sure i was quite a hilarious sight,
but in my fight or flight moment it was full-on war.  picture me crouched on my counter, screaming as i
 pulled the trigger over and over.  while it had slowed, it still wasn't dying so i finally jumped in front of
it and slammed the bottle down in one hard punch.  this was immediately followed by a traumatized
 chant of "ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod, f*ck! f*ck! f*ck! ohmygod, ohmygod..." 

dannon finally came home a couple hours later to find a floor full of bleach, me watching tv on the counter {so i could see if it came back to life, like they always do in horror films} with an empty bottle of whiskey, and half a smashed cockroach sticking out from under the bleach bottle.  he thought this was all pretty funny. i, on the other hand, couldn't go to sleep until i had downed another half a bottle of bourbon {our bed sits directly on the floor, one room over... i'm sure you understand}.

today i tried to convince dannon we need to surround the house with 3 different layers of poison, a small but constant burning ring of fire, and any/all animals which eat cockroaches {but not kitties}.
i think it's a good plan.


how is your week so far?