Friday, May 27, 2011

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  • runeapple
    Mar 26, 03:22 PM
    He rich, yet he wears the same thing every day?

    Maybe he spent all his money on iPads?

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  • EricNau
    Jan 6, 02:19 AM
    I'm starting to see a theme.

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  • Geckotek
    Apr 13, 11:42 AM
    Verizon models <snip>...they only work in the US.

    Not a 100% true statement.

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  • kingdonk
    Feb 28, 07:03 PM
    more of the same plus work group manager

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  • sikkinixx
    Mar 28, 07:59 AM
    Got yesterday. Traded in 5 games at EB for $125 credit, DSi for $80 and CoD:BlOps for $40, sooooo yeah! I figured why not. They still had a TON of them left at 5pm. Either not popular or they made too many.

    No games though! Too poor to afford any so I have just been messing with the AR games and faceraiders. Quite cool. I second MRU on the jaggies... needs a 6950 crammed in it somehow ;) And I second JackAxe, why glossy finish? Frankly, the DSi was the perfect DS hardware. Good buttons, dpad, screens, size, finish and the 3DS is a step down. And damn is it ugly! I couldn't handle the blue, it's about 5 different colours.

    I was really curious about the 3D effect and the test nearly made my eyes explode. It was weird and actually hurt. Luckily I don't find actual use like that. The jarring thing is the menu. Since the upper screens (the "title screens") of the Apps is in 3D moving all around while the touch screen obviously isn't. So looking between the two causes my brain to yell at me. My girlfriend immediately turned off the 3D and told me she is never going to use it.... so yeah.

    For free I am happy. I'll be happier once Zelda/Mario/Starfox comes out. And my girlfriend will crap herself when Animal Crossing makes it out.

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  • acarhart
    Sep 20, 06:36 AM
    My Mac Pro was having trouble finding my Mac OS X startup partition. I had to hold down the option key each time to select the startup disk. (I'm not using Boot Camp.)

    Neither update showed up in Software Update, so I downloaded them both from Apple's website.

    The EFI firmware update installed fine (on the second try), and now my computer boots up properly. So I can confirm that this update fixes problems that aren't related to Boot Camp.

    The SMC firmware was already up-to-date on my Mac Pro (ordered last week).

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  • Richard Flynn
    Sep 20, 06:36 AM
    I'm in the same boat. It beeps, I see the update bar but the DVD drive pops open and then shuts -- then normal boot. Ugh!

    I'm having the exact same problem, and am on the phone to AppleCare in the UK about it at the moment. The support representative evidently hasn't come across this before (he didn't really seem to have a complete awareness of the updated firmware) so it would seem they haven't been inundated with frantic MacPro users unable to update their firmware.

    I tried unplugging everything but the display, keyboard and mouse but that didn't work.

    I'm not on my 38th minute (most of them have been on hold) on the call. I'm very grateful for so I didn't have to dial the prohibitive 0870 number. So far I've trashed and redownloaded and reinstalled the update (same problem, optical drive opens when update begins, closes again and machine reboots normally without updating firmware). Now we're just investigating whether doing an original firmware CD reinstall will have any effect. My technician seems to be communicating with someone in the know elsewhere at Apple by IM...

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  • Aldaris
    Apr 30, 10:03 AM
    Still waiting... Come on blizzard! Send one to me!

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  • Compile 'em all
    Jan 6, 03:34 PM
    Push Notifications are when your phone automatically checks for updates, alerts etc. without you having to open the app right? I guess it's just misleading to me because when I hear "push" notifications, I think of something that happens when I push the app or open it up.

    Thanks for the fast response!

    What you are explaining is pull, not push.

    In push, the phone keeps one connection alive to Apple. When Apple receives data for your phone, it will push it to your phone through this connection. The phone doesn't "check" anything.

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  • leekohler
    Mar 11, 12:53 PM
    I will be buying an American made car at some point in the near future.

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  • markjs
    May 5, 11:32 PM
    I was drawn to this forum because I am interested in computers generally and macs almost qualify.....but seriously I poked around on a mac for about an hour today, and found that some things are less intuitive (minimizing and closing windows). Also I found that some things easily accessible in windows are not accessible at all in mac OSX. I felt like the computer was "dumbed down" for me. All in all it was a computer and pefectly capable internet machine, but at least in an hour nothing even came close to winning me ove. Oh yeah it also crashed once too.

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  • psycoswimmer
    Oct 9, 04:22 PM
    Wow. Can't everyone leave Apple alone. ;)

    Currently, online movie downloads have no what near the popularity as going out and buying a real DVD has. Greedy Target and Wal-mart. Don't the movie studios see that Target and Wal-mart and other retail stores will still sell DVDs, or they will take a loss?

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  • BC2009
    Apr 12, 12:45 PM
    don't care

    pages, numbers and keynote still rock

    fixed that for you

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  • CrackedButter
    Nov 14, 09:09 AM
    Just shows Apple is thinking where others do not. Apple are providing or creating outlets for their devices while other companies just produce mp3 players.

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  • Westside guy
    Nov 14, 03:11 PM
    I really like the ads. I think John Hodgeman actually makes them work though - being in the "PC" role has got to be much more difficult than the "Mac" role.

    I'm planning to put his "The Areas of my Expertise..." book on my Christmas list. He read some excerpts from it on NPR a while back - hilarious!

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  • MacRumorUser
    Jul 17, 05:37 AM
    picking mine up today.

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 26, 07:24 AM
    Funny how history repeats itself (or better the comments on current events) ... those are the same arguments that I heard when computer manufactures started to get rid of the Floppy drive: but CDs are so much more expensive, I can't get everything on CD, people don't know how to handle them, ....

    Uh ? CDs were cheaper than floppies to mass produce and had been for quite in the 90s (remember, pressed vs burned) and 2, I was booting OS images and bootloaders from them way before the floppy drive even disappeared from Macs.

    What are you even ranting about here ? This isn't history repeating itself at all in my case. If you have a blank Mac because of a problem or HD upgrade, a network install image being sold outside the Mac App Store makes a lot more sense than Mac App Store distribution. OSes shouldn't be distributed in a store that requires an OS installation to even work.

    Chicken and egg problem right there. And a pure network install without media should be possible, Linux distributions have had that option forever. Welcome to the 90s or something. Again, all we need is a simple bootable image that we can put on a USB drive. Make an app to automate the creation of the USB thumb drive and it becomes completely user proof.

    And seriously, the guy arguing normal people who have problems doing it this way ? News flash, people that aren't computer savvy don't tend to upgrade their OS beyond patches.

    The difference is that the DVD drive is a relict from the last century. No need to put this big mechanical noisy space wasting thing in any new machine. The USB stick is for those who can't download for whatever reason. I have not used the DVD drive in years - still all my machines have this thing in it. I dare to say that the majority of users don't need a DVD drive - and for those that need one, they should have the option to get an optional one on new machines, but no need to have it by default in every new machine.

    That's the point. You say it yourself, your machines still have DVD drives. What's the point of going to the more expensive USB drive option ? Again : CDs were cheaper than floppies to produce and were much quicker to mass produce. Going from optical to Flash memory is the opposite move, it makes the media both more expensive and much more complicated/long to duplicate in mass.

    DVD distribution makes a lot more sense than USB right now in 2011. It will probably be like that for a few years. Admit, all the people clamoring for USB distribution just want a Apple branded USB Thumb drive. As an Air user with such a thumb drive let me tell you this : their design is pure crap and it is not quite as convenient as a real thumb drive. It also tends to get all scratched up when inserting it and removing it because it lacks the proper guides for the USB port.

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  • henrikrox
    May 3, 03:52 PM
    gah, seriously apple needs to talk to geforce/ati and get some decent drivers, cause the beta is so much smoother in bootcamp.

    shame, with steam incoming soon.

    i will never play sc2 on mac as it is now

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  • calcvita
    Apr 5, 05:52 PM
    However, one question that intrigues me is Europe's mini-USB adoption with cell devices. How will this factor in?

    that's exactly what i was wondering about! i don't know if EU regulations apply to the ipad, but they certainly do apply to the iphone. and i think, apple has to include a miniUSB port (standardized charger) to the iphone 5 if they want to sell it here in europe. a simply dock connector just won't do.

    Apr 19, 11:10 PM
    1.419$/Liter or 5.51$/US Gallon.

    The only place in North America where gas is ridiculously HIGH....QUEBEC. Taxes represent 30-35% of the cost of gas. *sigh* But at least our roads are smooth... Oh no wait, they are not.


    Mar 13, 01:28 PM
    Is it possible that 4.2.6 and 4.3 have different DST settings? Sure. Unlikely? You bet. Odds are we're seeing an issue with carriers and it localized in spots.
    My work phone is with Sprint (WinMo), and it adjusted two hours forward. :confused:

    Oct 27, 10:05 AM
    You can still access the old webmail, look in the help section.

    Old .Mac Email Browser Login Link (

    Jun 15, 05:28 PM
    More analyst idiots spouting off crap that anyone can guess at. There are probably more competent analysts in these forums then on wallstreet...

    Nov 11, 07:04 AM
    I think it varies from Japanese guy to Japanese guy.

    Wow, just like in America!

    What a small world.