Tuesday, May 31, 2011

in 25 years

where will you be in 25 years? 

of course none of us can say for sure, but we all have our hopes.  during our 1 minute story interviews at the silver lake jubilee i had the pleasure of meeting pearl, the creative gal behind in 25 years.  this is one of the coolest projects i've seen lately and you can get involved too!

the idea is to record a message to yourself listing your hopes and dreams for your life 25 years from now.  pearl is in the process of finding a museum which will house these videos for everyone, and in 2035 {25 years from when this project was started} there will be a big party to view the videos and celebrate all that has happened between now and then.  isn't that beautiful?!

it's not too late to throw your video message in the time capsule!
head over here to learn more.