Friday, May 20, 2011

heidi montag after surgery

heidi montag after surgery. Heidi Montag before and after
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  • Jason Beck
    Mar 14, 04:44 AM

    heidi montag after surgery. Heidi Montag
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  • Chundles
    Sep 6, 08:43 AM
    Low end iMac starts at $1549 here in Australia, no further details as the rest hasn't been updated.

    The current top model mini is $1249 - looks a bit iffy considering the iMac is faster and has a decent screen as well, $300 doesn't buy a Core 2 Duo and a 17" widescreen, mind you, you lose the Superdrive, bluetooth and the remote...

    A top end mini and a $300 LCD is probably better value but I have yet to see the price of the 17" dedicated graphics model.

    heidi montag after surgery. after surgery, Heidi
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  • Charlie Sheen
    Mar 25, 12:09 PM
    Are the gestures still in? And wha about battery life?

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  • ChromeAce
    Mar 29, 10:18 AM
    The iPhone 5 will not be released until 2012. The next iPhone will be called the iPhone 4G.

    Until then, any self-respecting journalist should refer to it as "the fifth-generation iPhone."

    heidi montag after surgery. After surgery Heidi Montag
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  • eva01
    Aug 24, 03:56 PM
    What does it mean to "recall"?.

    what do you think it means?

    And i called apple, they basically told me tough luck right now and i will have to wait basically till tomorrow to check the website because they are still updating it

    Because the tech tried to input everything on his side and it wouldn't accept it either.

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  • andrewl232003
    Sep 14, 09:53 PM
    Yea that jet pack is real, saw it on inside xbox

    heidi montag after surgery. Heidi Montag#39;s Plastic Surgery
  • Heidi Montag#39;s Plastic Surgery

  • MacAztec
    Oct 11, 12:46 AM
    I think its Apple's fault. Motorola too. Apple always says how an 800MHz Powerbook is better at x and x than a PC, but the PC is still faster at like everything.

    Its motorolas problem for not makin faster chips! But its Apples fault for not moving to IBM by now, and Apple is just accepting that they are barely over 1GHz when PCs are moving up on 3GHz

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  • Peace
    Sep 5, 09:24 AM
    Remember it's an Apple Media Event. It just means that Steve is going to intro the iPod Hi-Fi in all Black and tell us it sounds even better than before.

    Man I'm so sick of this crap..

    WHAT media event ??

    Anybody got a link to an ACTUAL invitation?


    heidi montag after surgery. heidi montag after surgery
  • heidi montag after surgery

  • Thunderhawks
    Mar 29, 07:00 AM
    What's with the focus on 'sold out'? Simply limit your passes well below the projected numbers of participants, and there you go, sold out. It's just a math game and a marketing ploy.

    There is no "focus" on sold out.

    It is just mentioned to show the interest in Apple by developers.

    If you never organized an event, here is (in a simplified way) how it goes:

    You find a place an a location/facility based on what you estimate the attendance will be.

    (Sometimes you can't even get a facility big enough and have to take what you can get)

    That facility will hold a certain amount of people

    You promote the event and sell tickets.

    Eventually you will sell out or have tickets left over.

    No magic in holding back tickets or use smaller facilities to make it look sold out.

    There is also a point where too many people would not be able to learn efficiently what is coming.

    Why not pack 80,000 developers into New York's Giants Stadium?

    heidi montag after surgery. heidi montag before and after
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  • doodosh
    Sep 12, 07:15 PM
    I called the Apple Store here in San Diego, CA and the guy that answered the phone said that they were in 'transit'. I asked him well okay, so do you have an idea when they will be in? -- no


    I thought they were available today? (i mean besides

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  • true777
    Sep 14, 10:11 AM
    I liked the old nano design infinitely better -- just so simple, cool, and perfect. A year ago I was excited to upgrade my mini, which I had always considered ugly, to the sleek, contemporary nano. I don't know... the mini design just never looked good. I can't believe they went back to it, but judging by the comments in this forum, the majority of people seems to like it.

    I'm thinking if aluminum and colors, then why not at least elegant, sleek looking colors like anthrazite, dark brown, or steel grey? Oh well.

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  • TuffLuffJimmy
    Apr 7, 02:20 PM
    If atheism has any future, its needs some type of unified, agreed upon code.
    No. No it doesn't.

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  • SkippyThorson
    Nov 23, 03:31 PM
    This speaks volumes about how far The Beatles have really come. All this time, and with all the people you have to take into consideration that already have their music...

    They hit yet another milestone like this. Awesome. :)

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  • Otaviano
    Nov 13, 03:13 AM
    The hardcore Apple fans boys are coming out of the woods today. Criticizing the developer, Facebook, everything but Apple's ridiculous App Store policies.

    I just want to know why an established global business like Facebook, can't get permission to push through bug fixes without waiting two weeks for approval? It's freaking ridiculous, and there is an apparent pattern where an app is approved without problems and updates are delayed for weeks on end.

    I've been put out by Apple's stupid approval policy on two apps I paid for. Waiting weeks at a time for crucial bug fixes to get pushed into the app store. Knowing the developer has fixed the issue but I'm stuck with an app I paid for that doesn't work properly.

    I love Apple's products but they need to put in some work to make the App Store approval process better. Either more training and reviewers, or create some programs where established companies with a proven track record can get updates out there quickly.

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  • slinger1968
    Aug 30, 10:36 PM
    Back on topic...

    I don't know why people are going on and on about the $400 price for Windows Vista Ultimate version. That's a retail price, just like the $300 retail price for windows XP. Only an idiot would buy a retail version of windows when you can get the same full install (not an upgrade) oem version for a fraction of that price.

    A retail version of Windows XP professional SP2 is $300 at compUSA and the OEM of XP pro SP2 is $130 at my local PC parts store.

    Retail pricing isn't even worth discussing unless Microsoft decides to end oem sales of windows.

    heidi montag after surgery. Plastic surgery fanatic Heidi
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  • bigdaddyp
    Nov 3, 04:10 PM
    Well, yes. That's a point that's been repeated, and replied to, ad nauseum.

    One more time:

    Remaking Flash 10 for more efficient mobile use is exactly what Adobe is trying to do, with the help of ARM designers.

    If it runs well, full Flash could become popular on mobiles* as a universal application development and delivery platform. If it doesn't run well, it'll have to wait until cpus get faster.

    * With the probable early exception of the iPhone.

    Yes but so far the few phones that have had the full version of flash on them like htc reviewers have savaged.

    heidi montag after surgery. heidi montag after surgery
  • heidi montag after surgery

  • Leoff
    Nov 27, 12:23 PM
    Sometime I wonder if people actually use the products they talk about here.

    The Rolling Stones have been in the iTunes music store for over a year. The currently have over 59 albums there and a new ep was released, I'm Free, just a couple of weeks ago.

    Frank Zappa was on iTunes last summer and has since been removed. It was basically the albums that RYKODisc had re-mastered and released. There appears to be something going on with the Zappa Family Trust and RYKODisc over the rights.

    Led Zepplin has never appeared on iTunes. However, Radio Head was on for a short time, but everyone who like Radio Head has already bought their one good album, The Bends.

    Strange. I could have sworn I'd heard the Rolling Stones weren't on iTunes yet. Personally I HATE them, that's why I never checked.

    Any other musicians not in the iTunes music store yet?

    heidi montag after surgery. heidi montag after surgery
  • heidi montag after surgery

  • Tmelon
    Mar 25, 12:07 PM
    Read the title

    heidi montag after surgery. Source Heidi Montag before and
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  • bobborries
    Jul 23, 01:57 AM
    I think I remember Jobs saying that no one wants to read a book with clunky low rez text, an e-book would have to have a sharp high resolution text.

    You would have to make a screen that was 300 dpi, people with bad eye sight could enlarge the text.

    Measure a paperback book without the margins, it comes to 6.4" X 3.6" at 300dpi that comes to 1920 by 1080 pixels, and that happens to be a HD Video ratio.

    Oct 27, 01:52 PM
    i just got my macbook back yesterday after waiting for over a month for them to replace the heatsink
    Is this all the service they offered you? I contacted Apple when the RSS started to become a problem and was told that I could go to a certified Apple repair centre of choice.

    I phoned one up who had already dealt with a former TIBook of mine and they said they would order the heatsink and get back to me when it arrives. My MacBook then got a date with the repair man the next day and the morning after I could go and collect it (new screw not included).

    What I do recommend to everyone, is that they create a guest account WITH admin rights before they hand in the computer, so that the guys can play around with sleep settings and have a look at the system log.


    Gasu E.
    Nov 27, 01:08 PM
    What about a yellow Ipod?

    Now here is one place where the superiority of the Zune comes through. Many, many words rhyme with "Zune", in contrast to the sadly rhyme-challenged "iPod". You can even have:

    "I played a mellow tune
    On my yellow Zune."

    With iPod, you pretty much run out after "tripod".

    Apr 26, 10:57 AM
    I don't know the answer to question one, but the answer to the second question is yes. On top of that, the rate of conviction of blacks is higher.

    It was ONE question, not a first and a second one. Whatever somebody answers to only the second half of it, is totally meaningless as long as the answer to the first half is not "yes".

    May 4, 09:42 PM
    Damn!!!!!!!!! I just bought an Ipad 2!

    May 6, 07:22 AM
    Well that's interesting........and wouldn't that be an interesting reason for a smaller screen (to better accommodate "glasses free" 3D.

    A lot of smoke here....I couldn't figure out why so many rumors had the iPad 2 at a smaller screen (despite Jobs stance on the issue at iPad 1 launch) and I could see that slipping first, without context to why.

    7" iPad is meh.

    7" 3D iPad is definitely less meh, but unless they bring more, it won't be enough for me to jump from the 2....check back though in 6 months....

    P.s. Apple - I know a "game" system is coming...whether it's this mobile device or a console (ala Apple TV mutant)....bring it!