Friday, May 20, 2011


this was a pretty fantastic week, and i'm so thankful for life in general right now.  i can't really put it into words, but i've been really productive this week and i'm feeling pretty hopeful that good things are on their way. 

here are other things i'm thankful for this week:
* one interview this week, with another scheduled for monday
{monday's interview is for a job teaching music to toddlers - weee!}.
* working on a business concept for something i'm really excited about!
* progress planning our bake sale {more to come on that soon}.
* plans to head home to san francisco in a couple weeks.
* friends {& all the good stuff happening for them}.
* coffee dates.
* music.
* tea.
* aaand i'm super excited and proud and thankful that my "little" nephew graduates
from high school today!!!  congratulations ryan!!

{by the incredible nan lawson - buy it here}

also, this weekend is the silver lake jubilee!  come join me hear some amazing bands {like the little ones}, check out local arts & crafts {such as oh, hello friend}, and hear poetry by my friend david shook {among many other cool things}.

what are you thankful for this week?