Friday, May 27, 2011


where to begin?! 

there have been many amazing things this week for which i am extremely thankful:
* first off, i got a job!!! you're looking at the new music & play teacher for parents and their little ones {ages 0-4}.  i start on tuesday and i couldn't be more excited.  of course this also means i had to cancel my trip to san francisco, which i am so sad about! but this job is a huge blessing from the universe {thanks universe!}. and thank you to everyone who sent their good vibes, prayers, and positive energy my way.

other things...
* that our bake sale is coming together beautifully! another huge thanks to the good people at the pablove foundation and vacation vinyl for helping us in the biggest ways.
* a gorgeous day and a hike with fun friends {that's today!}.
* house cleaning {does anyone else get excited about this?}.
* seeing a dear friend {now a cousin-in-law} who's visiting from out of town.
* dinner at figaro bistrot and desserts at alcove bakery
* free showing of the demise of the dodo.

{last night at alcove ~ yum!}

what are you thankful for this week?