Tuesday, May 10, 2011

good deeds ~ seed bombs!

over the weekend, we spent a few hours exploring unique LA, a handmade extravaganza similar to the renegade craft fairs.  we found several amazing booths selling products which make the world a better place {other than looking really cute}, and i had to share one of my favorites: seed bombs!

 common studio is a local {to los angeles} design studio, which came up with this brilliant idea to spread plant life in urban areas.  it's a young idea {it was just started last year}, but has already caught on by people all over the world. it's not surprising either, seed bombs are some of the coolest things ever!  it's such a beautiful concept to add some nature to your neighborhood, an empty lot, and the ghetto -- to literally bomb life in an otherwise cement-filled area!  what's even more beautiful?  common studio employs homeless men and women to hand-rolled each seed bomb, thereby providing opportunities to help people get back on their feet.

you can buy all sorts of plants packed with seeds native to your area of the world, plus they sell slingshots for growing greenery in hard to reach locations.  these are now being sold in gumball machines all over the US, austria, and italy.  you can even find them at whole food stores here in LA {possibly elsewhere}.  of course, anyone anywhere can buy them online, so don't miss out if you happen to live in canada or the philippines {you know who you are!}.

pssst! great idea here:
we almost gave these out at our wedding as favors, so people could spread the love all over the world.
i still love this idea for a wedding, and i really hope someone out there steals it!


and while we're on the subject, i also found make shop live - a handmade shop that sells mostly recycled home goods, but which also just began making seed gift tags.  when planted, each gift tag grows hummingbird-attracting plants!  since this was a local shop, they were all in the shape of CA  {hanging in the center of the photo below}.  the gal behind these, however, said she will probably be making more shapes soon with different types of seeds in each, good for a variety of ecosystems.  

so how about it? ready to start planting?

all photos borrowed from their respective websites & blogs.