Monday, May 16, 2011

good deeds ~ levi's waterless jeans

i first read about levi's waterless jeans a couple month's ago on eva's blog, four leaf clover, and i am so excited to finally share it with you all! 

levi's jeans have dedicated themselves to not only conserve water through a revolutionary waterless washing process in their factory, but to also provide clean drinking water to people living in impoverished areas.  through their new manufacturing techniques {which you can learn more about on their website}, they are able to save about 28-96% of their regular water usage during the manufacturing of their 
jeans {depending on the product}.  that translates into a savings of 16 million liters of 
water during manufacturing this spring alone!   

but levi's can't conserve water all on their own.  in an effort to help conserve water after their jeans have found a home in your closet, they've created a campaign encouraging all of us to care for our jeans in sustainable ways.  and might i add, this campaign is hilarious as well as informative.

hopefully, other clothing companies will adopt similar practices in near the future.  in the meantime, we can help by taking into consideration the ways in which we use our water {especially those of us living in the desert}.  and by the way, does the thought of washing your jeans every week seem crazy to anyone else?
i mean, how dirty can they really get in a week? not to mention the fact that washing your jeans
weekly wears them out and fades the color faster.  i'm going to choose to be a dirty girl
and help conserve water by waiting as long as possible to wash my jeans,
 how about you?