Wednesday, May 18, 2011

emma watson vogue 2010

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  • arn
    Apr 11, 10:42 AM
    Originally posted by dukestreet
    Looking really good! Things are shaping up nicely and I like the idea of separtating the 'rumors' threads, makes more sense. I know there had been talk about a game catagory, did that not make the cut? I think it would be a huge boost to the site.

    just didn't think there was enough interest.... We'll see....


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  • littlejim
    Oct 12, 04:09 AM
    I've tried JetPhoto and it's a dream!

    It's has a really nice client on the Mac that integrates with iPhoto and, once set up, gives one click uploading via FTP. The server is a simple PHP script.

    It offers some very nice goodies like a flash gallery, a choice of themes and GPS technology integration.

    Oh ... and it's free.

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  • Applejuiced
    May 1, 11:38 PM
    Lol :D

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  • mcmlxix
    Apr 18, 10:32 AM
    Tax day makes me grumpy.

    Not me. Ka-ching.

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  • endo689
    May 1, 05:46 PM
    As long as you used your google account to save your contacts and calendar info you'll be fine. Once you link your google accept to your iPhone it will pull all the info to the device. I recently switched from a android device to a vzw iPhone 4 transition was smooth and painless.

    Sent from my iPhone 4 using Tapatalk

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  • JollyJoeJoe
    Apr 15, 10:08 PM

    The kit includes all the cables needed to connect the disks to a 3rd party card (gets power off of the backplane board <where the disks usually plug into>, and uses a break-out cable to attach the disks data signals to the card). They make room for this via the drive mounts (fit shallower than the stock units to allow for room to plug the data ends into the drives).


    If using the 1880-ix-12 controller will the non-raid 2x SSD drives in Pass Through mode that I want to attach to the Areca controller be bootable? Does the Areca card at all allow for the system to boot off it or will any attached volumes only initialize once in the OS ?

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  • sunfast
    Oct 25, 09:23 AM
    We seem to be learning more and more about what Leopard offers as time goes by which is excellent news.

    I, personally, am excited about Resolution Independace. That'll be sweet.

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  • Coleman2010
    May 5, 02:48 PM
    Is anyone else getting this message when running 1.0?

    "This version of the application is no longer available. A new version with important updates is requirer and can be downloaded from the App Store. Tap OK below, then go to the App Store. Select "updates", find the Optimum App for iPad in the list and then tap the "FREE" button next to it, then "INSTALL."

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  • Moof1904
    Feb 15, 11:48 AM
    This script is neat. I'll play with it. Thanks!

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  • rrandyy
    Apr 19, 01:01 AM
    Thanks! You think the hard drive itself is quiet too?

    Edit: Just realized I upgraded my Tivo S3 with a 1TB western digital green and it is very quiet. I'll probably end up getting either a 1TB or 2TB drive for the recommended enclosure. Thanks!

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    Jan 23, 08:08 PM
    I thought that this thread is about ACDs and I believe that they are primarily used other than watching broadcast tv.

    There are already displays with xvYCC and it's gamut is so big that 8-bit colors will show banding. 8-bits are enough for ntsc gamut, but not bigger.
    Next versions of bd / hd-dvd specs will include xvYCC and h.264 broadcasts will probably use xvYCC also in the future.

    ACDs are also used a lot in professional video post production and there is need for more than 8-bit colors. Also high quality photography needs more than 8-bits. All DSLRs have had deeper color depth than 8-bits from day one.

    8-bits is enough when display's real contrast ratio is about 300:1, but when we already have displays that have contrast ratio way beyond that, there is banding on a carefully profiled display. 256 brightness levels just isn't enough. That's why sdi has had 10-bits for a decade.

    So there really is need for more than 8-bits with displayport or any other way. Even average consumers will notice that within a lifetime of a new ACD.

    When I buy expensive high quality devices like displays, I want them to be high quality at least half of their life, not just now.

    We absolutely need more than 8 bits on the pro end. 8 Bits would also decrease the range between colors of similar composition and improve image editing.

    However, I don't believe OSX and the adobe suite supports more than an 8 bit pathway at present. I could be wrong on this. I think vista does.

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  • benpope
    Jul 25, 04:43 AM
    Thanks to all for your helpful advice. Of course the one piece of info I didn't leave was that I am running OS9.2. The eject button works on the other CD-R drive, so the button is OK. I'll try OSX and see if that works - if not I'll check the cable, and if it's not that I'll take it to the doctor!

    Any other bright ideas would be gratefully received!

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  • Clive At Five
    Oct 25, 09:36 AM
    Imagine where the CD would be today if Philips had never licensed it.

    Who still uses CDs? hehe

    They're large, clumsy, rigid, and prone to scratching. So are DVDs. And HD-DVDs/Blu-Ray. When are content providers going to get some brains and start licensing on read-only solid state? How many MB is an hour of decently endoded music? 256? We're talking a couple bucks on flash chips here.

    Hehe... just a long-time vision of mine... which has yet to be realized. And I couldn't help but make fun of poor old CDs. They're going the way of the Cassette Tape. Who ever thought Mr "Scratch me and I'm useless" CD'son was a good idea. ;) :D


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  • Royal Pineapple
    Aug 1, 12:12 AM
    as long as it will eventually be stable im fine.
    is the support on the new server very good?

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  • Sophia
    Oct 25, 02:49 AM
    I wonder if users who have both PPC and Intel Macs will have to buy seperate copies of Leopard rather than just multiple license packs...

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  • Veldek
    Jan 11, 07:58 AM
    Do you have Office 2004 installed? This brings huge font problems, so this might not have anything to do with 10.3.7. Just an idea.
    Don�t know about thie iTunes thing, though.

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  • Dr.Gargoyle
    Sep 12, 04:54 AM
    I have had my office PC on SETI since 1999. Transfered all my units to MR 2004. My, now ageing is still working 24/7 on SETI (Boink) :)
    Damn I deserve a medal for that. :D

    I also have my MDD and iBook folding at home.

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  • Ryan1524
    Jul 6, 10:40 PM
    i have quite high expectations of macs. i wonder if i'll fall into the same trap of disappointment caused by an overhype that i built myself when i finally get a a powerbook next year...:(

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  • Socratic
    Apr 24, 08:51 PM
    check if they require verification for you to change your email address. If not, it's probably fake.

    Dec 3, 02:41 PM
    Has anyone heard the Lupe Fiasco - Enemy Of The State: A Love Story (Mixtape)?

    He killed the Fireman beat.

    Apr 13, 09:16 AM
    Look for on sale monitors from Asus, Dell, Samsung etc. You may well be able to get an LED monitor at 1920x1080 in your price range (older model most likely).

    I've been pretty happy with my Samsung BX2450 monitors. 1920x1080 max resolution. Should be ~$250, but occasionally NewEgg have them for $200.

    Jan 23, 12:16 PM
    Rosetta was created at my Uni :D

    Mar 10, 02:13 PM
    Hi, I'm doing some research into the 10.6 OS I've come across two pieces of seemingly conflicting documentation.

    In the Network Services Admin 10.6 PDF ( on pages 23-24 I'm reading "Mac OS X Server uses the xinetd process to manage many UNIX network services, such as FTP, finger, and so on. xinetd listens for requests on specific TCP/IP sockets and is a secure replacement for inetd. However, because xinetd does not handle RPC services well, inetd and xinetd are included with Mac OS X."

    But Apple TN2083 ( says "Starting with Mac OS X 10.4, inetd and xinetd daemons are deprecated in favor of launchd daemons; a launchd daemon can specify a list of TCP and UDP ports to listen on as part of its property list file. Starting with Mac OS X 10.5, inetd and xinetd daemons are no longer supported. However, it's easy to run an existing inetd or xinetd daemon by creating and installing a simple launchd property list file (resulting in an inetd-compatible launchd daemon). For an example of this, check out /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/finger.plist."

    Can anybody shed some light on this? I have a feeling the TN is correct, but it would make me sad to find out that Apple's own server documentation is out of date. I'd attempt to poke around in the system myself, but sadly I can't afford a copy of 10.6 server. Lion can't come fast enough!

    Thanks in advance for any info anybody can provide.

    Jade Cambell
    Feb 5, 12:26 PM
    Accepting trades?
    I have an N95 with an 8gb memory card.
    Yeah I'm in the UK but I can ship.
    What software version is on it aswell?

    No.. sorry. I'm just looking to get a 16GB iPhone. The software version is 1.1.3.