Wednesday, May 18, 2011

easy as pie!

every once in a while i'll see something amazing online and think "i must have that right now!" when that something just so happens to contain the words "easiest pie ever," and i just so happen to have all of the ingredients in my cupboard, i tend to make a dash for my kitchen whilst shouting "it's fate!"
 that's precisely what happened yesterday when i saw this beauty on pinterest.  

{the photo that inspired it all}

i based my recipe on "the easiest blackberry pie ever" recipe, making a few of my own changes.  i didn't exactly have all of the ingredients, but the recipe really is so incredibly easy that i was inspired to make it work.  after a quick peek in my fridge, i decided to sub in strawberries for blackberries and phyllo dough for pie dough {which were what i had on hand}. 

+ berries of your choosing {i used blueberries & strawberries, fresh from the farmer's market}
+ pie dough or phyllo dough
+ 1 egg white {about 3 tblsp. worth}
+ 4 tblsp. butter
+ sugar to sprinkle

how to
+ allow the phyllo dough to thaw for 1-2 hours {no longer}.
+ once dough has thawed, layer about 8-10 sheets with a light coating of cooking spray between each.
+ cut down the middle of the phyllo sheets so you have two squares {about 9x7 inches},
or trim to desired size.  {if you're using pie dough, simply roll it out flat.}
+ pile the berries as high as you wish in the center of each.
+ fold edges up to the base of your berries and press.
+ melt about 4 tblsp. butter and mix in about 1 egg white {this was just an estimate for me}.
+ drizzle the butter/egg mixture over the berries and crust.
+ sprinkle with sugar.

+ place on a lightly oiled baking sheet.
+ bake at 425 F {218 C} for 15-20 minutes if using phyllo dough {25-30 minutes if using pie dough},
or until the edges are that perfect golden color.
+ heap with ice cream or whipped cream.
+ enjoy!

yup, the perfect treat at the end of a long day, if i do say so myself.