Thursday, May 5, 2011

coolhaus ice cream sandwich truck

can we take a minute to talk about food trucks please? i'm not sure if you have them where you live, but here in los angeles they are all the rage.  you can find just about every type of food packed up in a clever truck, each with it's own unique twist. for example, there's a grilled cheese truck which offers a sandwich with caramelized cinnamon apples & candied walnuts mixed in the cheese.  oh heavens!  

there are a whole bunch of food trucks on my "places to try in LA" list, but i've already discovered
a few favorites.  at the top of my list is the amazing coolhaus ice cream sandwich truck.

{it's so cute!}

oh yes, tis the season for finding creative ways to stay cool, and you can be sure, once i get a job and have some spending money, that i'll be hopelessly devoted to this adorable truck.  coolhaus creates
ice cream sandwiches on the spot according to your specifications.  you get to choose the
type of ice cream AND the type of cookie out of a huge menu of selections.

here are a couple combos i'm excited to try:

rootbeer float ice cream + ginger molasses cookie
olive oil w/ rosemary ice cream + brioche cookie
nutella toasted almond ice cream + snickerdoodle cookie

and let me tell you, these things are enormous!
plus, each ice cream sandwich comes in an edible wrapper {made from potatoes with soy ink}.

having lived in constant 60 degree weather for the past 6 years means i don't remember what it feels like to experience hot, summer weather.  i'll probably complain a lot over the coming months {"ew, why is my skin sticky?!"}, but you can be sure this little truck is one thing i am greatly looking
 forward to during the upcoming hot days.

what are you looking forward to this summer?

and for those of you who don't live in LA, there's still hope.
coolhaus also has ice cream sandwich trucks in austin, tx and new york, ny!

{photos borrowed from coolhaus' online photo gallery}