Friday, May 20, 2011

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  • David Schmidt
    Jan 24, 01:20 PM
    Virtual ][ ( - Apple II, II+, IIe emulator; has a very refined user interface. Free to try, with a timed nag screen.

    Sweet 16 ( - Apple IIgs emulator; simple to use user interface; free to use.

    GSport ( - Apple IIgs emulator; Unix-like user experience on OSX, hand-editing configuration files and all. Open source, free to use.

    All will require you to supply ROM files.

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  • donlphi
    Oct 25, 10:04 AM
    IMPO This is a load of crap. The reason why iPOD works so well is because it does have limitations (not many). The next thing you know, everybody can create an "iTUNES store", requiring you to upgrade the firmware, software, etc. on your iPOD, computer, and whatever else you have attached to your "system".

    When your iPOD stops working or seems bogged down, who gets the blame? APPLE, it's a crock.

    As a high school music teacher (band and guitar) I see a lot of iPODs throughout the day. A student tells me he downloaded some bootleg copy of a Paul McCartney song from Limewire (which I don't use- I don't work for free, neither did my parents, neither should musicians), and when he goes to play it, it freezes and resets. OF COURSE, the kid blames APPLE. It's not the corrupted file he dropped into his iPOD.

    Point being... it's an Apples product, they give the tech support. They shouldn't have to support every DRM on the market. EVEN IF IT GIVES ME MORE CHOICE, it's a huge step backwards.

    Quality control... where's big brother when you need him. :D

    There is a reason you can't put Chevy parts into a BMW.

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  • Frobozz
    Sep 13, 10:36 AM
    "- Many users have noted the iTunes 7 standalone installer includes a greyed-out custom option for "iTunes Phone Driver". It is not clear whether this driver is for the rumored iPhone or for already iTunes compatible phones from Motorola."

    No, actually I there's no confusion here. There's been an iTunes Phone Driver in the iPod updaters ever since the Motorola iTunes phone was introduced. Since iTunes now handles iPod updates, this is perfectly logical and a non-news item.

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  • NT1440
    Mar 10, 11:07 PM
    Bravo guys. Capitalism can be energizing but it only works if the majority of citizens bother to vote in leadership that looks out for all citizens, not favor a handful of the most well off citizens. It's our fault we keep electing bozos to Washington.
    The massive PR campaigns and spin carried out by all levels of government have nothing at all to do with it though right? :p

    Seriously its a mix of an apathetic public when it comes to politics (how often do you hear "politics are so boring!"), and those in power abusing the public trust, whom don't get to see the inner workings of institutions.

    At this point its really meaningless to participate in elections on the state and country levels if you are going to vote for the Republican or Democratic parties. They've been in power long enough to tweak the system to insure they stay in power, in tick-tock rotation.

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  • dcoulson
    Mar 27, 09:45 AM
    it happened on my 13" MBP when using it with and HDTV with a HDMI-MiniDP adapter. when that happens i usually try shift control eject to put the display in 'sleep' and wake it back up without putting the machine to sleep and that helps too atleast in my situation. hopefully might be another alternative tip that works.

    My Mac never sleeps, but I do experience the static problem when the Mac causes the displays to sleep. Simply turning the display off then back on fixes it without having to do anything with the Mac.

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  • kalex
    Apr 20, 11:59 AM
    I was only refering to Ipad2. Ipad1 has a jailbreak so you can JB it and use it.

    Yes you will need to jailbreak if u want to load version 1.0 of the app and haven't obtained it from app store before it was updated.

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  • 4dfrog
    Apr 24, 07:36 PM
    Thank you for your helps. Yes, I think I have to do some Press Release. By any chance do you have that Italian site?

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  • kuebby
    Feb 1, 05:17 PM
    For playing video on my PS3 I just have an external HD that I keep formatted in FAT format so the PS3 can read it. You can just plug it into your computer, load it up then plug it into your PS3 and play files directly off of it. It's easier than any other solution I've seen and is cheaper and simpler to manage.

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  • pound4pound30
    May 1, 12:42 PM
    I am also having the same issue. This is the screen shot from iTunes.

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  • mnovell
    Sep 9, 11:15 AM
    What about the Cisco AnyConnect app? I keep reading old news how it'll be released when iOS 4 is - so where is it? I want this but can't find it in the app store. Or is it something your network admin has to get from Cisco and install for you?

    Not available yet :mad:

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  • benhollberg
    Mar 7, 10:48 PM
    I might actually go to the 2100 best buy because of points and I can put it on my card. Hopefully they will have it in white! I don't think I can camp out, so I will be there in the morning to see how the line goes.

    I wonder if other retailers like Best Buy or Wal-Mart will start selling them early or at normal time instead of 5:00 PM?

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  • bertomactic
    Apr 23, 02:24 PM
    i am working on a Mac G5 that has a apparent hard drive issue. When I start the G5 it chimes and the Apple logo appears and the little wheel just spins and spins and never loads the OS. When i remove the hard drive and replace it and reboot the G5 i now get a blinking folder with a question mark. I tried several different replacement drives and get the same question mark icon. However, when i put the original hard drive back in I at least get the Apple logo and the spinning wheel..but still no OS loads......what up with dat...???

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  • Himynamesnoah
    Mar 13, 10:31 PM
    Can anyone give an estimate, based off of previous releases, as to how long it'll take for a public release? I can't be the only one itching to jailbreak my iPad2.

    I'm no expert, but it's a user land exploit which is in the firmware itself. Jailbreaks on other iDevices are hardware which means Jailbreakable for life.

    It's most likely going to be at, which is a .PDF used to exploit. So I guess a few days at most. It's not going to be a program like Redsn0w or pwnagetool.
    So it should be pretty quick.

    I don't understand why everyone is getting so mad. It got moved, chill out.

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  • narco
    Oct 8, 11:19 AM
    Awesome, I just switched from Sprint to T-Mobile. Granted, i had to pay $200 for the Blackberry Pearl, but mid-2007 is still quite a ways away. I guess it all depends on how cool this "iPhone" really is.


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  • mackage
    May 4, 05:10 PM
    The base 27" last week was a 3.2 ghz i3... You sure your details are right?

    the base i3 was 5900+ 32 bit and 6650+ 64 bit (geekbench scores)

    5950 to 7950 32 bit
    6650 to 8625 64 bit

    for the same price seems like a nice upgrade to me.

    NOW there was an upgrade from the 3.2 i3 to a 3.6 i5 dual...if I remember correctly.

    I stand corrected, drew. You are correct.

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  • Barnzee
    Mar 27, 08:17 PM
    The 2.2 ghz model has a better graphics card for gaming.

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  • mikora7
    May 5, 01:54 PM
    A couple weeks ago I started having problems connecting to any wireless network. My network shows up in the list of wifi networks but when I put in my password, it says "Unable to join the network "nw2" Dismiss." I have an Airport Extreme router and I had it set to WPA2 personal. I changed it to WPA ~ no luck. I changed it to WEP and no luck. Now I have set it to no password at all and it STILL says it cannot connect and to dismiss.

    I have hooked it up to my computer and restored it back to factory settings. There is now nothing on it, not even the games my kids bought. Still, it won't work. What do I do now?

    cool backgrounds for twitter. cool backgrounds for twitter.
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  • ftaok
    Apr 28, 11:14 AM
    I'm confused. How is the kids' computer working if the TC is not getting the signal from the modem?

    Can you confirm whether I understand your set-up correctly?

    Cable jack > modem (via coax) > TC (via ethernet) > kids' computer (via ethernet)

    Cable jack > modem (via coax) > TC (via ethernet) > iMac (via wireless)

    If this is correct, I'm not seeing how the kids' computer is working.

    The only other thing that I can think of is that the modem isn't releasing the IP address or something.

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  • brolfsen
    Apr 19, 10:31 AM
    Does anyone have this sleeve for the 11" Macbook Air? I paid $39.95 for the Incase one from the Apple store and I don't like how tight it is and how you have to slide the Macbook in from the top. Then I saw on Speck's website the Pixelsleeve and it looks really nice. Is it hard to get the MBA in it? What is the inside of the sleeve made out of. Can anyone post some good pictures of it? I can order it off for $22 shipped with a $10 credit I have so I could save $23 if I take the Incase one back. I just wanted to get some impressions of it before I did it. Thanks.

    French iPod
    Nov 7, 11:43 AM (

    City of Montreal @night:D

    Feb 24, 04:53 AM
    this one is awesome

    Apr 13, 12:03 PM
    I use the zagg shield on the back and front and my otterbox works definitely will be fine!! Enjoy the vacation!!

    May 1, 01:46 PM
    I have a video that i recorded back in October with my iPhone 4, but for some reason now it won't play. It says "The movie could not be opened. The file is not a movie file. I have tried a bunch of different corrupted video repair software programs....i got one to convert a little bit of it (you have to pay over $100 to get the full converted video.) While the video is a nice short little video, it isn't worth $100 to have it ...however, is there another way to fix these? i know it helps to have a video that is a reference video shot around the same time, which i do. if anyone has any suggestions, i would greatly appreciate it.

    Tried opening in other players then QuickTime? The message doesnt say the file is corrupted is why I'm asking. Try at least VLC, Handbrake, and MPEG Streamclip...

    Apr 12, 04:55 AM
    I went on the same whim, but as to more showcase the work in another way than my website would do. It's now more a sort of blog for me that an actual way to find work... alas a blog I'm too busy/lazy to maintain.

    I'm not entirely sure that professionals would use FB for that kind of finding a photographer for a job.
    The last few jobs I had I picked up via google > my website, so I guess that's still the main road for people to go when in need of a photographer.

    And ofcourse, then there's the whole "we'd like to own everything you add to FB" attitude of FB :)

    leGrev� Photography on Facebook, although I think it's more interesting to look at my website instead hehe.