Saturday, May 21, 2011

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  • whenpaulsparks
    Oct 26, 06:41 PM
    i would fall of my chair laughing if apple did some notification that you shouldn't shut down your macbook during the firmware update... hhehehe :D

    they did. check the article. pretty ironic.

    but i just installed it on my blackbook without a hitch. mid-summer mine was shutting down, then after the 1.0 firmware update it worked fine, and it just started again this week. i've been using it for 30 mins since the 1.1 update with no shutdowns.

    i wonder if it just ignores that temp sensor shorting out? there's bound to be other temp sensors in the case, they could just completely ignore that one.

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  • jmcrutch
    Mar 21, 03:02 PM
    ^^ Not that the above arguments with said spouse can ever be won, but try pointing out to her that the amount of money she spends on hair appointments in just a few months would probably cover the cost of an iPad. If that doesn't work, then total up all the miscellaneous receipts that come from places like Walgreens, CVS, etc. If that doesn't work, remind her that you spent tons of money on her when you were dating ... money that she didn't have to spend on herself. When all that doesn't work, continue playing with your iPhone, as you sleep on the sofa.

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  • nemaslov
    Sep 4, 01:05 PM
    It has been a year an a half or more since the 60GB iPod was released and over a year since we've been hearing about an 80GB version. I know i am in the minority who wants a larger one. Me for music only but I assume you video people will need more memory eventually anyway. Hey how about a 100GB version! I never jumped to the iPod video since they never expanded it's memory...:rolleyes:

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  • kavika411
    Apr 28, 10:35 AM

    Anybody got a alternative method for reaching CorvusCamenarum, such as email, text, etc.? I don't want it, and I'm not asking that it get posted, but if someone has a method for checking if he's ok, I hope you will. Not to be dramatic, but parts of Tuscaloosa were obliterated yesterday around the time of his "last activity" time of 5:00 p.m. Thanks.

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  • Lara F
    Apr 2, 03:23 PM
    Considering it runs like crap on Android from what I have read there is no way as long as steve is around that will go in an iOS.

    Use Skyfire if you really need it I sure don't miss Flash. :D

    And plenty of people who have Droids are happy with their Flash.

    Posters here like to cite the average consumer. Well, I submit the average consumers have no negative pov towards Flash (or rather no opinions either way) and while not having it isn't going to keep them from buying iPads/iPhones they'd take it if given the choice.

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  • yellow
    Aug 3, 11:55 AM
    Well, going on national TV and basically challenging the hacker community doesn't really qualify as obscure, now does it?

    People keep mentioning this.. does anyone have a link to the add that specifically challenges hackers?

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  • hazza.jockel
    Oct 3, 12:57 AM
    What also sucks, and I still stick with my call,is that the Halo community contains the largest number of @$$hats to ever discover a microphone. From the well documented You Tube video of random players verbally harassing a gay player before a match even starts. To the almost pathetic way some players are addicted to the 'N' word. To the now immortal play style of wanting to be the only player who gets the best weapon or vehicle, and are willing to kill teammates to get it.

    Totally agree. Team killing ****** me so much. The worse thing is that usually if someone kills you to get your sniper or other weapon, you often don't get the option to boot them but if I accidentally betray someone it always seems like I get booted.

    I also usually mute people straight away during multiplayer. I don't play halo to hear people saying random/stupid things or singing into the mic. I have never heard the "N" words used before though.

    Also ranking of halo games for me:

    1. Reach
    2. Halo 3
    3. ODST
    4. Halo Ce
    5.Halo 2 (by far the worst one)

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  • scrub0bk
    Oct 14, 05:11 PM
    Mark - what desk is that?

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  • 0010101
    Nov 27, 05:37 PM
    You guys do understand that such an agreement would be so iTunes could include tracks from the Beatles catalog in their store, NOT give them license to use their pick of songs in advertising, right?

    With all due respect to the 'Fab Four', it would be pretty silly for Apple to spend a million bucks for the license to use one of their songs in order to promote the songs availability on iTunes.

    Let's face it.. most of the folks who want Beatles tracks already have them.. so unless iTunes will be offering some never before released tracks (doubtful) the overall impact that this will have on Apples profits is marginal, at best.

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  • sam10685
    Oct 15, 03:13 PM
    I like this guy :-)

    where would we be without him?

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  • gri
    Mar 22, 03:40 PM
    Here we go with the "You said this, so you must be this..." stereotype... :rolleyes:

    I know guys where even though they are the "bread winner" or contribute greatly to the funds, they have to approve EVERYTHING through the Wife - whereas the Wife can spend as she pleases....

    Happy Wife, Happy Life... :eek:

    Not into that type of relationship.

    Just tried to answer the question that was asked... Not stereotyping at all

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  • Rower_CPU
    Aug 31, 11:26 AM
    DRM discussion has been moved into a separate thread. Let's keep this on topic.

    Thanks :)

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  • tuartboy
    Sep 12, 04:23 PM
    I can't play more than 1 song before it crashes. I went ahead and appzapped the friggin program and started with a totally fresh install and I'm having the same problem. It plays 1 song and then crashes.

    Another thing I noticed is that it misreports song length by a few seconds. It's reporting them too short. It plays out until the end and then backs up a second or two, then crashes.

    Anyone else?

    iTunes 7
    PB 12"

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  • OdduWon
    Jul 23, 12:07 AM
    [QUOTE=YoGramMamma]I think it would be neat to not only add ebooks... but MAGAZINES!

    if they did this like on the icreate web page, where the sample mag is, it would be cool. you click and drag the page to turn it. would be cool to use the core technologies to bring the magazines to life on the ipod

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  • solyd
    Mar 25, 02:18 PM
    Then how do you turn it off? If it's a feature I should have the option to change it back to how it was. It's pretty annoying and I'm surprised no one else is complaining about it

    It's an Apple feature, and Apple said yes (, so you don't get an option :)

    As for those people with Verizon iPhone:
    I'm pretty sure Verizon got a copy of 4.3.1 and decided not to release it for their customers. It's usually up to the carrier to test and okay any OS on their network. Verizon has always been the slowest in doing so; it's probably a good thing because the OS on their phones are for the most part very solid.

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  • nonameowns
    Apr 11, 06:00 AM
    meh ill just pirate it

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  • tmp0404
    Oct 31, 08:25 AM
    So, on Halloween my Macbook was returned to me, not bad considering it was picked up on 10/27. Apple replaced the bezel, heat sink and a few other parts on the white Macbook. They did not perform the most recent firmware upgrade, so I just did. Time will tell, but I'm most pleased with the rapid turn around time, and I must say the Macbook came back in pristine condition.

    Well done Apple, I hope.

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  • MacFinn
    Aug 3, 07:03 AM
    1) Using USB Wlan card.
    2) Connects the Mac to the Dell using similar card (can you say self written drivers?) using already set up IPs and settings.
    3) Attacks the Mac (how do we know he just doesn't have Windows sharing on and log into existing account on the Mac?).
    4) Had they used two Dells', who'd go see their video? Using Macbook gave them maximum exposure and hits.

    Cheap publicity stunt!

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  • greg70
    Mar 12, 05:34 AM
    I'm holding my breath.

    RIP Scottness (Respirate In Peace)

    Oct 11, 07:46 AM
    Here is my setup

    Dell 2001FP on the left hooked up to my Win7 machine under the desk
    Samsun SyncMaster 2494HS on the right, now connected to my MBP that is over on the left of the desk, using a standard PC keyboard and mouse with the MBP at the moment.

    The little black keyboard is a USB with trackball hooked up to the Win7 machine.

    So far this is an experiment to use my MBP as my primary machine rather than just a laptop, so far so good, have sorted most things out I think.

    I will eventually get rid of the Dell and but the MBP on the stand and have the Win7 machine hooked up to the VGA input on the Samsung monitor

    Also ignore the dust :)

    Sep 22, 05:42 PM
    I seem to remember Wal-Mart's CEO saying in a CNBC show that his company doesn't bully vendors.....what a load.

    Yes, my publishing company does business with WalMart and they do intimidate and bully. For sure.

    I avoid shopping there at all costs.

    Nov 13, 12:14 AM
    Will Apple change? I've almost given up...

    Jul 22, 11:14 PM
    Throw in a spanish-english dictionary with either voice recognition or the ability to spell out the word to find the meaning and I am there.
    Oh, I could sooooo say something here, but it would probably be considered a racist flame-bait, so I'll just steer clear of it.

    But I would say that it won't be me needing that particular feature...

    *mumbles something to self about this being an English-speaking country and runs out of the thread*

    Sep 6, 08:31 AM
    Anyone knows how the GeForce 7600 GT compares to the Radeon X1X00 series?
    Similar to the X1800 GT?

    Must be better/faster than the X1600....

    On par with x1800, about twice as fast as x1600.