Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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  • ortuno2k
    Dec 24, 09:23 PM
    I too hear some subtle and intermitent clicking and whirring noises when the room is very quiet at night and I'm just browsing MacRumors :)
    I guess it's normal. This is a new PB too, so the hard drive is new as well.

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  • FreeState
    Oct 4, 12:34 PM
    My roommate is taking a geography class in college right now. (Just an FYI, he is an older student in his 30's).

    His teacher works for google on their maps. He has slipped in class several times saying Apple is working on putting GPS into the iPod. (He, the teacher, knows this because it is what he does full time for Google).

    Anyway, this looks like the GPS in iPhoto is not related to the iPod, but eh you never know, iPhoto does work with the iPod in a way now as it is...

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  • tigress666
    Apr 18, 11:34 AM
    Absolutely it does. You simply do not like my report. Tough beans.

    I've observed poor reception on non-verizon carriers in two states in rural areas and in my office in an urban environment.

    Too bad. That is the way it is.

    You missed the entire point.

    If you are going to say that you know it is the phone over the carrier, you have to be able to have experienced other phones on that carrier to see if they have the same issues (Therefore it can't be the phone cause different phones still have the same issues) or you have to have used the same phone on Verizon and witnessed that the phone didn't have the same problems on Verizon.

    Your experience had you using a different phone on Verizon than on AT&T and your only experience with AT&T being the iphone. Therefore the problem could be either the iphone or AT&T cause you have no basis of comparison to be able to pinpoint which is the problem!

    And your experience with "other carriers" says nothing about AT&T (odd that you don't say they are experiences with AT&T... )

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  • theappleguy
    Sep 2, 10:03 PM
    You couldn't even spare $10 to $15 per year? :confused: I certainly wouldn't recommend using free hosting.

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  • Elrond39
    Oct 26, 07:58 AM
    Does anyone else feel like we could/should have seen this coming with the touch-sensistive feature of the Mighty Mouse?

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  • Ryan1524
    Jul 6, 10:40 PM
    i have quite high expectations of macs. i wonder if i'll fall into the same trap of disappointment caused by an overhype that i built myself when i finally get a a powerbook next year...:(

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  • kvizzel
    Mar 29, 05:13 PM
    Look at the SHSH you have, it will tell you for what firmware they are. If you have SHSH for something else, they won't work on your iPad.

    If you SHSHs are for ipad 2.2 them that is the firmware you need..and so on

    No idea what your talking about, on tinyumbrella it just says

    iPad23G 4.3 (8F191)

    I tried the iPad2,2 4.3

    but when I do a restore I get Error 1013.

    They say it's normal, but when I try to kick it out of recovery, it is stuck in the recovery loop.

    Any ideas?

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  • marcuschait@mac
    May 19, 10:48 AM
    I'm new to the forum, so let me say thanks in advance for any help I can get here. I am trying to figure out if there is a way to burn only a PORTION of a downloaded song. I've downloaded a ten minute song into my itunes playlist, and now want to burn a seven minute segment of that song onto a clean cd. Is there a way to do this? If so, I would love any immediate help. Please email me at with any tips/instructions. I kind of have to figure this out within the next few hours, so quick responses are much appreciated!

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  • blevins321
    Apr 18, 12:56 PM
    Can you change the battery without voiding Apple's warranty?

    For the new laptops without removable batteries, no you can't. The previous generation has external batteries that are removable with a simple coin twist of a lock.

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  • clayj
    Sep 19, 04:00 PM
    I think that local connection is what they used - cool stuff. Is that in MX 2004 or the newest version?

    clayj - that works in the single flash object on your page - layers in the same main file. What local connection is doing is having two or more separate flash objects on a page among regular html text and images and communicating between them.

    DActually, I'm not talking about layers in the same SWF file... I'm talking about many different SWF files (my site has over 600 of them) all sending messages at each other telling each other what to do.

    Now, as far as that particular page goes, assuming that they're not loading all of the SWF files on top of a common "layer 0" SWF file like I am, then yes, the local connection thing would be the way to go.

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  • gnasher729
    Aug 8, 03:56 AM
    They got their value out of Connectix in Virtual Server. Like it or not the Mac stuff was just the tip of the iceberg.

    Also, Microsoft made its money not through Virtual PC, but through the Windows license that you had to buy with it. If you buy Parallels, or use Bootcamp, Microsoft loses a few dollars from the Virtual PC sale, but they still get a big chunk of money for the Windows license. I would say 75% of their revenue and 100% of their profit stay intact.

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  • crazydreaming
    Sep 25, 12:16 PM
    Airport Express is GREAT! You will love it!
    Of the four people I've helped / convinced to switch - three of them HAD to buy an Airport Express. Sure there are lots of wireless routers out there... but AirTunes is just cool.

    Yea it is. I have it in my college dorm room which is a suite with 2 rooms and a living room. All my roomates and I can be sitting on the couch in the living room, online, playing music on my speakers, and printing...

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  • buckyballs
    Dec 22, 03:22 PM
    I've never owned a mac, but I'm planning on buying a macbook as soon as they release apple please help .... I'm just sitting waiting before I can use some mac goodness :o

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  • Mitthrawnuruodo
    Dec 18, 06:08 PM
    Looks like that little fella has a head start in iLife. :DYou think that's the new iLife '06...? ;)

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  • MythicFrost
    Apr 2, 03:32 AM

    I'm wondering if it's possible to install 10.7 to an external drive?

    Any thoughts?

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  • mmmdreg
    Apr 28, 09:28 PM
    how about a SETI team arn?

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  • rodh257
    May 2, 11:08 PM
    thanks, yeah the USB drive thing is really crap, makes simple things such a pain! I'll give WinClone a go and see what I can come up with :D


  • f4780y
    Feb 21, 02:08 PM
    Great find, thanks.

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  • Boston007
    May 5, 10:07 PM
    haven't had either of those issues. Whatever problems there were they fixed it in 4.01


    Apr 15, 10:32 AM
    Its all about convergence.

    If your on the go then its more convenient to play games on a smartphone - one device than carry around two.

    At the moment - drawbacks over portable gaming consoles - (1) battery life (2) games on smartphones tend to have a lot less content.. but smartphone games tend to be signficantly cheaper. If you want a game containing depth then your not going to be looking at your smartphone at the moment.

    In some countries its totally fine to watch TV on your smartphone too...

    Mar 5, 11:40 PM
    I don't really think that Bill Gate's money is that big of a deal. If you consider the amount of influence he has had in terms of creating jobs and opportunities for other people you'd probably be happy to pay him the $40bn. Microsoft itself hires more than 100,000 people - never mind every other company that partners with or relies on Microsoft in some way. That in turn generates huge amounts of tax and prosperity. On top of that, it also happens that Bill Gates is very charitable. I suspect that a lot of wealthy people are.

    This is why I would support the idea that the wealthy should be rewarded. If my CEO hadn't been allowed to become successful, I wouldn't have a job. The same applies for most people here.

    I don't see how raising Bill Gates' personal income tax affects Microsoft as a company though.

    At the small business level, where a single owner/operator's income does make decisions between taking a little more money or hiring someone to, hopefully, make even more money, this kind of decision does make sense.

    But, once Microsoft made its first billion, you could tax Bill Gates 90 percent and it wouldn't have affected the number of employees working there because Gates' and Microsoft had become two fundamentally different entities financially.

    Oct 25, 09:04 PM
    well spoken. If you don't like the terms of the sale, don't complete it. If you buy the music, you've agreed to those terms, like them or not. Sure, I can see that there might be some people who need/want more flexibilty, but perhaps iTunes music downloads just aren't a good match for them. If you see something in a store that you like but you don't think is a good deal, do you buy it anyways? You probably shouldn't if you're not happy with the terms of the sale... Same thing applies to music purchases from Apple.

    Now, if Jon hasn't done anything illegal in this, then problem there. If he has, then Apple has every right to pursue legal action. Like it or not, the license restricts your use of the product, and Apple has well over a billion agreements to that license so far.

    Exactly. And at the end of the day, I dont understand all the whining from some people. This is directed at those people who keep whining about Apples DRM...

    If you dont want to buy your music from iTunes, then dont, you can buy it elsewhere and still use it on your iPod. But dont you dare presume to start telling a company how they should and shouldnt be running their online store when you have a choice. Its real simple. If you dont like Apple's DRM, DONT BUY YOUR MUSIC FROM ITUNES.

    Apr 14, 01:53 PM
    We're professionals, and have been doing it for 8 years, and it probably took us 2-250 hours to produce that site :) There are some dynamic aspects to the portfolio and a lot of jquery.

    Apr 27, 01:08 AM
    Not saying its fake or anything... I have seen alot of people swearing at him, causing so much fued on his youtube and facebook account...

    Its so true why would he faking it and using his both social network accounts.

    But I didnt understand why doesnt he release just *unstable* version to show those people who doubt about it..... Release it let them see in the face that its real....


    Both of his social network accounts were created just last week for the sole purpose of showing off his "Jailbreak" but yea there are many many suspicious points to his jailbreak videos, and most of the more trustworthy figures in the jailbreak community has confirmed that this is indeed a fake.