Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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  • bella92108
    Apr 6, 04:19 PM

    brandon boyd art. BRANDON BOYD

  • skunk
    Feb 27, 07:23 AM Security Council Refers Libya to ICC
    Resolution Aimed at Stemming Violence and Bringing Justice

    FEBRUARY 27, 2011

    United Nations Security Council diplomats vote on a resolution during a meeting on Libya at UN headquarters in New York on February 26, 2011.
    The Security Council has risen to the occasion and given notice to Gaddafi and his commanders that if they give, tolerate, or follow orders to fire on peaceful protesters, they may find themselves on trial in The Hague.

    Richard Dicker, director of the International Justice Program
    (New York) � The United Nations Security Council�s unanimous resolution referring Libya to the International Criminal Court (ICC) sends a strong signal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and his commanders, as well as other governments in the region, that the international community will not tolerate the vicious repression of peaceful protesters, Human Rights Watch said today.
    The resolution adopted on February 26, referred the crisis in Libya to the ICC, imposed travel bans on key Libyan leaders, and froze their assets.

    �The Security Council has risen to the occasion and given notice to Gaddafi and his commanders that if they give, tolerate, or follow orders to fire on peaceful protesters, they may find themselves on trial in The Hague,� said Richard Dicker, director of the International Justice Program at Human Rights Watch.

    Human Rights Watch said the Security Council�s referral to the ICC appears aimed both at bringing justice to the Libyan people and avoiding more victims.

    How ironic that two of the permanent members of the UNSC have invoked the ICC without themselves recognising it.

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  • Eidorian
    Dec 16, 12:12 PM

    I use this site for my conversions.

    $400 = �225
    $500 = �282

    So yeah, you're right.

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  • OldManJimbo
    Nov 22, 05:16 PM
    Congratulations, you have the (dis)honor of posting the 768th thread on a BT mouse recommendation.

    Search the forums :rolleyes:

    No kidding - I think BT Mouse threads are the most frequently repeated on this forum.

    I personally use the Radtech BT500 - and I have been able to use it from across the room - unfortunately at that distance I can't see the screen, so waht's the use? ;)

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  • pdjudd
    Feb 2, 09:20 AM
    Note though that FAT drives have file size limits of 4 gigs - in other words, no one single file can be 4 gigs or larger meaning that some files will have to be split up.

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  • Xapphire13
    Oct 3, 04:29 AM
    And the last one ever apparently.

    LAST ONE EVER? Where did you hear that? I hope not!

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  • pshady
    Mar 24, 09:10 AM
    Thanks for the suggestions!

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  • RichP
    Sep 12, 11:31 PM
    I just updated my 5G ipod:

    -Brightness control now available (great for the car at night, ipod is almost blinding)
    -Sound Check? (I dont remember seeing that on the ipod, was it there before?)

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  • AmbitiousLemon
    Sep 12, 11:14 PM

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  • jobberwacky
    Oct 12, 09:00 AM
    Try with =ROUND(A1;1)*6-1 and the problem is gone. ;)
    That's true. But which spreadsheet user is aware of this? This should be resolved by the app, not by the user.

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  • Telekom
    Oct 9, 11:25 PM
    Why European mobile service is better.

    Almost everyone gets free incoming minutes.

    Yeah, and you also let the person calling you pay a tarriff up to four times the rate of a fixed line call. Calling a mobile number can cost five times as much as making an international call 20.000 kilometres away. Ever wonder why Europeans don't use their mobiles to make voice calls? :)

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  • ComicStix
    Nov 5, 07:59 PM
    I don't know what to get because I want Sennheiser's but they have really long cords and they're made for home use I want it to be over the head.

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  • Hackint0sh814
    Apr 27, 03:27 PM
    People are getting way to desperate and inpatient for the iPad 2 JB. My only regret is I didn't hold on to my first gen, but hey, what are you going to do?

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  • SooneratND
    Apr 18, 10:12 AM
    I'm not buying the iPhone 6 timeline.

    The 5 rumors make some sense, so as to not piss off the new Verizon owners who couldn't wait for the 5 to come out in June. However, assuming the 5 isn't slated to begin production until October, why would Apple release a new phone 6 months (or less) later? That will just piss both AT&T AND Verizon users who upgrade to the 5. I can't see them ramping up production for a phone with a 6 month anticipated life span.

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  • arn
    Dec 31, 02:25 AM
    Originally posted by Omad0n
    On the whole I'm going to have to say I don't care much for it. I agree, it just looks really cluttered now, and with a story being squished in the middle, but coming down a long way instead of running across the whole browser window it just feels off. Oh well, perhaps this will inspire me to contribute so the stories can look right again.

    heh... not that anyone actually cares... since it is all based on feel.

    The new design actually starts slightly higher on the page than the old design and the middle column story actually isn't significantly elongated.... at least in this sample resolution

    Note: the Yellow Dots note the top-left and bottom-right of the first article in the old layout. While the Green Dots are positioned at the top-left, and bottom-right of the new layout. (same resolution, around 830pixels wide and then shrunk down 50%)


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  • toke lahti
    Jan 22, 10:18 AM
    No graphics card uses DisplayPort right now, so it's pointless.
    And if next year half of new ones uses displayport, is it still useless?

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  • babymerv5
    May 4, 05:58 AM
    The sales has been halted in Singapore too!!!

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  • ChicoWeb
    Feb 8, 03:20 PM
    Magento is built for Ecommerce. It's bloated like OSC, but there is a big support structure, and it's more modular then OSC for your plugings and themes. We do everything in Magento and Magento Enterprise now.

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  • Mr. Chewbacca
    Mar 7, 07:24 PM
    Fivepoint, I do wish you would stop it with the sensational and inaccurate threads. If not for our sake, yours. They are intentionally designed to bait and inflame.

    +1, I'm not going to even finish this stupid thread.

    5P, should we just kill all people on welfare? Their a drain right? Maybe we can heard up all non christians and deport them.

    See I can make stupid sensational statements to

    Apr 11, 10:42 AM
    Originally posted by dukestreet
    Looking really good! Things are shaping up nicely and I like the idea of separtating the 'rumors' threads, makes more sense. I know there had been talk about a game catagory, did that not make the cut? I think it would be a huge boost to the site.

    just didn't think there was enough interest.... We'll see....


    Feb 22, 08:04 PM
    Nope. You can add up to 10 per page (at least on my iPhone, I wonder if it's more on my iPad). Regardless, it just starts squishing them all together. This is where having Shrink really starts to help.

    Ok, that's sweet, just what I am looking for. Thanks.

    Jolly Giant
    Apr 12, 06:04 AM
    Any ideas how to get this rate up?

    (5 other 2.4GHZ networks neighbours.)

    i, too live in an area with lots of other networks around, causing wireless interference ( for my network.

    my solution (and recommendation to you) was to hardwire my TVs to my TC using powerline adapters (

    in fact, i have all my gear hardwired except my mobile devices.

    edit: more on how to evaluate the relationship between signal and noise numbers here (

    Oct 8, 05:30 AM
    I still can't believe you lot in the USA have gone for yet another incompatible-with-the-rest-of-the-world frequency for your 3G network meaning that anyone coming to the USA won't be able to use your 3G network and your 3G iPhones will be about as useful as a one legged dog outside the USA.

    It's interesting that the T-Mobile guy thinks that the prime use for 3G in the USA will be email and other user generated content and not music though. Personally the last thing I want is content rich email on my mobile phone.

    Dec 31, 04:02 AM
    Originally posted by Waluigi
    As a professional web designer here is my input, take it for what it is worth:

    -Improved, more modern look with the tabs
    -Size of HTML file

    -Too much information coming at you at once with three columns instead of two
    -Larger Google Ads
    -Still not remotely consistent with the mac fourms in terms of style
    -Addition of additional color (light blue), which makes 4 (red, tan, white, and now blue)

    Overall, a good start, but there is still a lot more asthetic work to be done.


    I totally agree with you, the page needs to be simple, one look and you should get the jist of the whole site. The graphics look much better but layout needs to change, only have one column on the side (like on the old layout)