Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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  • Evoken
    Apr 28, 06:18 PM
    I wanted the change so that I could load it onto my iPad.... which obviously won't boot I.E.

    What does the page uses Javascript for? Perhaps you can figure out what the Javascript problem is. Have you tried viewing it in mobile Safari with Javascript turned off?

    Is this site online somewhere? If you post a link it would be easier to help you.

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  • XIII
    Sep 23, 03:16 PM
    That was another one I was going to mention. What does it cover? Steve? Apple in general? Apple vs. Microsoft? Thanks. I'd like to get a couple of books, which sorta cover all the above points when combined, if you see what I mean. :)


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  • drenline
    Apr 30, 09:03 PM
    lets now all place bets on who will win the challenge between p0sixninja and geohot and who will get it first?

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  • mjstew33
    Dec 12, 07:42 PM
    I have an iBook G4 1.42GHz 14"/512MB or 1.5GB depending on price/80GB HDD/SuperDrive 8x up for sale. What will you offer?

    Trades welcome - post what you'd be able to trade and I'll let you know! :)

    Post if you want pics. The soonest I can get them to you is around 5:00PM tomorrow USA central time.


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  • Anonymous Freak
    Sep 12, 04:32 PM
    I'm on the West Coast, and at the time, worked a swing shift, so I was soundly asleep at the time. Until...

    A friend (who is/was an unemployed night-owl-to-the-extreme,) called me and said simply "Turn on CNN!" Being unhappily awakened at 7:00 AM, I groggily, went "I don't have cable." and almost hung up. He then (understandably) annoyedly replied with "I don't care, turn on.. Anything. The Pentagon has been attacked." (I imagine he had just turned it on, and they were covering the Pentagon at that moment.) So I went out to the living room and quietly turned on the TV. (I had a friend fresh from college living on my couch while he searched for his own place; he also had a swing shift job.) Obviously, I was stunned. It was NBC, and they were showing the smoking ruin where the first tower was in the process of collapsing. My friend/temporary roommate was just waking up, and looked in stunned silence. (I was also too stunned to say anything.)

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  • tigress666
    Apr 15, 12:19 PM
    The iPad is a direct competitor to consoles.

    I plug it into my TV, grab my iPhone, and play games till I die ;)


    You're kidding me.

    I'm sorry, I can see making the compromise of having only a touch screen for the iphone as it is more portable than the handheld games so you get advantages too with the iphone (you already are carrying it cause it's your phone as well, it's smaller and therefore more portable, the games are already loaded so no trying to either carry all the cartridges or pick what games you bring. Makes up for the lack of physical buttons).

    But no way would I pick an iPad over a console for at home play.

    1. The compromise of not as good controller for what advantage does the ipod have over a console? I'm not worried about portability with a console so that doesn't make up for it. So what advantage does an ipad have over a console that would get people to pick it for playing games over the console? The only advantage I could see is if you already owned the ipad. Even then I think I'd rather just buy the console extra. For me if I had to choose between the two, I'd pick the console. I already have a laptop that if I had to carry something ipad around I'd rather have the laptop, I have my iphone for being with me everywhere, and a console will have better games and a better gaming experience (real controllers anyone? Games made for it are specifically aimed at people who bought the thing to play games). And even if I had an ipad, I'd still want either the Sony Playstation or the Microsoft Xbox for actual playing of more serious type games.

    2. The compromise of the games just aren't as good. Sorry, but no game on the iphone/ipad compares to the stuff they make on consoles. You're still getting the compromise of making the game more for a handheld market so it's not as complex/in depth. I'd bet the games on the new Sony handheld coming out are much closer to console quality (cause that is what htey seem to be specifically aiming the device at). Plus it has buttons!!!! I'd pick that over an ipad for trying to replace my console.

    Sorry, but until they make dedicated controllers for game playing for the ipad (and not touch based only ones, gotta have buttons too and a joystick) and attract more serious type games comparable to what you see on the consoles, I don't see the ipad being a big rival to consoles.

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  • MacHamster68
    Apr 6, 01:40 AM
    Went to BestBuy today and had a sales person tell me not to buy a mini but get an imac........he said the speed was too slow compaired to the imac. Also that by the time I paid for mouse, monitor, keyboard I would have the same about of money invested. Just wanted some opinions?

    yes the iMac has a faster processor and abetter GPU , but the mini is meant as a very basic computer for people who have a keyboard , a mouse and a monitor or TV at home already i was told and is 60% cheaper

    and if you use the mini for what is was meant for , browsing the web , emailing , watching a movie , and some other light tasks then you will not notice a difference really
    the mini was never meant to replace a iMac or Mac pro

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  • Anonymous Freak
    Aug 13, 10:29 PM
    Can I move in with you? :)

    heh. Sorry, all out of room. At the moment, my wife and I are sleeping in an unfinished section of the basement (basically right next to the desk of iMacs,) because our new bedroom is part of what is being rebuilt.

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  • zorblaz
    Oct 13, 11:08 PM
    Hmm. I'm actually impressed with the fact that Apple is totally ditching the 15" monitor so soon. It seems to me that they should keep a lower end model (one that could sell for under $999) at least until after the holidays- It'd be perfect for a gift- esp. with that Dell all in one piece of garbage on the market. Apple'd sell loads of 'em. Casual users don't really need a bigger monitor and it seems that's who Apple is after with their "switch" commercials.

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  • dukebound85
    Mar 27, 01:29 AM
    Your function example is a sum of squares, hence the a*a +b*b etc

    Sum of cubes is a*a*a +b*b*b etc and that will give your 11k as per what he got

    For your assignment, my approach would be to have 3 variables set to sum of squares, sum of cubes, and mean of squares and print out the desired variable to give your answer if the integers are within the desired range

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  • mjstew33
    Dec 12, 07:53 PM
    (By the way, I'm not interested in buying it, just bought a 800mhz G3, just felt like helping you out a bit.)
    Darn. Your machine is what I want! :p. Thanks! :)

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  • Dagless
    Mar 31, 09:46 PM
    It's been hinted at for a long time, I think Nintendo flat out announced it a while ago. Not sure now, definitely not from a hush hush developer or whatever ;)

    No really! Should be cool too. Updating buggy games, demos etc. Could be smart.

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  • jeffm5690
    Apr 25, 04:16 PM
    I can't believe nobody following this thread has a jailbroken ipad with Optimum V1.0 on it... :( Very sad...

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  • asdf542
    Dec 14, 01:12 AM
    A lot of the time stories are given negative ratings for absolute no reason and the ratings don't serve their purpose very well. I personally think either the ratings system should be removed all together or there should only be a "like"/"positive" option.

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    Oct 29, 07:36 PM
    My perfect idea for iTunes 5:

    How many times have you thought of a song lyric, but you have no idea who sang that song? So you plug the random lyric into Google and it gets you nowhere. My idea is a lyric search engine embedded into iTunes. This can only increase the profits for Apple and the amount of consumer confidence in iTunes. Thoughts?

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  • unkn0wnsoldier
    Mar 17, 05:15 PM
    I bought the Zune (original) on the day it came out. I was new to mp3 players and ipods, etc. My wife already had an ipod and liked it. The Zune, for me, was a good choice. The music subscription service for $15 per month was great.

    Where it failed was integration with Windows itself. I was HUGE into Windows Media Center. My living room entertainment center was a Windows Media Center PC equipped with a TV tuner and I bought the $300 Media Center Extender. It was awesome to be able to record TV and watch it on my extender in another room. Why didn't the zune allow syncing of TV shows recorded in WMC? Somebody made an awesome app to take care of this, though. I could watch my recorded TV while waiting for PT (Physical Training) to start. The Zune was great! Even now, I have to run 2 programs to get recorded TV on my ipad.

    But they totally failed at marketing the Zune in my opinion. It was a great idea, and a great device. Microsoft though, are a bunch of old fogies trying to be "cool", and it didn't work out.

    I'm honestly sad to see it go. I love competition. It drives innovation. Look at all of the iPad competitors coming out. They may fail, but this is what makes better products for the consumer.

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  • NightStorm
    Oct 18, 07:57 AM
    I'll be at Briarwood; just need to figure out what time to get there...

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  • Mr.Noisy
    Mar 9, 08:07 PM
    Are you using striping from OS X or did you set you RAID 1 with only two drives?
    I a new Mac Pro is not expected until 4Q 2011 or 2012. :eek: I do not want to wait that long for a stupid processor chipset. :D A few months is optimal, but 6-8 is not feasible. Thanks again for sharing knowledge and swapping ideas!

    hey 100Teraflops glad your getting some good advice, the good monitor is a must for photography, check the dell 2209wa (i think it's still about) or the HP 2310i, both nice monitors, but the internal raid i have is a software raid 1 mirror, works well for my needs. Are you really sure you want to wait for the 'latest' Mac Pro? do you need the latest chipset? there are plenty of great deals on used machines, ideal for photography, save the $$$ on the MP and spend the rest on some quality Lenses, I know a photographer that uses a G5 with no problems :)

    remember as firestater states, raid is no back up plan, I use a raid 1 external system as it suits my needs.

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  • derbothaus
    Apr 21, 12:00 AM
    As we all know the main focus for mac's is not gaming, however with my Mac pro recently arriving with the 3.2 quad and a 5870 GPU; what kind of gaming performance increase will I notice vs my 2010 iMac i7 with the mobility GPU card in it? I really don't want to disrespect any of you guys by asking this question as this is not why I bought my Mac Pro, and this is not a "gaming" forum, however I do game a little and I could not find any benchmarks that put the two side by side.

    Let's use black ops, and maybe crysis as a means for making a comparison and any other key games you can think of, btw all gaimg is done via boot camp with windows 7 ult.

    Really depends on the res you play at now.
    As the resolution gets larger the 5870 pulls ahead in a bigger way.
    Couldn't find any DX10 benches but here is Battlefield BC 2 (1920x1200, 4AA, 8AF, High Quality, DX10)
    5750: 25.6 FPS
    5870: 52.3 FPS

    3D Mark 06:
    iMac 5750: 15344
    5870: 23640

    3D Mark11 Enthusiast settings:
    5750: 12.44
    5870: 27.68

    I don't have any problems playing anything at my 1680x1050 res. Including Metro 2033 (Much heavier than Crysis). I play Crysis maxed with 4xAA the only exception.

    wrc fan
    Feb 15, 11:23 PM
    I use MacBiff ( for that purpose. It just sits in the menubar, and when I've got some mail, beeps and shows the number of new emails. Although you have to enter in your email server information, it doesn't get it from, but it does support IMAP and POP, SSL, and multiple accounts.

    Nov 12, 01:12 PM
    mind sending me the original of that background?

    sure, here you are...

    Oct 9, 01:34 AM
    Every iPhone thread leaves me amazed at how complacent Americans are in accepting terrible mobile telephony. When's the last time (in Europe) that you had a "dropped call"? I had to look up the term because it meant nothing to me. If the iPhone is going to work properly, then someone needs to give assurances that your calls will actually go through. Forget about downloading songs on the go for a moment, and consider the intended purpose of a phone. If I want to make a call, it means that I need to get through and actually end up talking to someone; not that I want to try to call someone. Don't get me wrong, I'd love an iPhone. I'm just glad I live in a country where your calls go through, and stay going until you terminate it. And what's with this paying for incoming minutes thing? The payment should be the responsibility of the person doing the calling. At least, that's how it seems to work over here.

    Aug 4, 10:20 AM

    Nov 23, 12:56 PM
    I saw 1 go for 12k! Crazy!