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  • Analog Kid
    Nov 22, 03:28 AM
    As a mechanical engineer, I'm not exactly cynical about this application of Eneco's technology, but I remain very, very skeptical. With such a relatively small temperature difference, I would say it is very unlikely that such a device would be economically feasible. A quick visit to Eneco's site shows me that they don't even have lab data for temperature differences of less than 100 deg C!

    They obfuscate the issue of efficiency by referring to the Carnot efficiency to inflate the numbers to the uninitiated. Sadi Carnot showed that an ideal heat engine that operated between two infinite reservoirs at temperatures, T(hot) and T(cold) would have an efficiency of ( T(hot)-T(cold) ) / T(hot), and the temperatures have to be on an absolute scale like Kelvin or Rankine. The "Carnot efficiency" compares the performance of the system in question to this ideal heat engine.

    Suppose you ran your chip at a very warm 90 deg C (363 K) and could dump the heat to your 25 deg C (298 K) room, your perfect efficiency would be about 18%! This means that for every 5W of heat you dissipate from the chip, you get a little less that 1 W of electric power. Something with an impressive-sounding 50% Carnot efficiency would really have a measly 9% real efficiency.

    Unless Eneco sells these things very cheaply and makes them very small, I can't see Apple going through the trouble and expense of adding them to their portables for such a small benefit in recycled power. I remain skeptical, yet open-minded.

    Finding efficiency data for temperatures below 100C would be important since the max junction temperature for most processors is below that. Power supply devices max out at about 150C. You just can't get hotter than that and expect silicon to function as a semiconductor.

    If the Intel chips burn 100W, then 9% conversion efficiency would generate 9W of electricity. In absolute terms, that's not too bad. You can do a lot with 9W. If you have a 5 hour battery life now, and can use these on all the major power sinks, you'd get 5.5 hours of battery life.

    (Those are big "if"s, but putting them in bold seemed a bit too cynical...)

    Interesting, but not earth shattering yet... If this became widespread though and we could cut world energy consumption by 10%-- that would be a big deal. Personally, I think there's more to be gained in cars (hotter and less efficient to begin with) than computers, but who knows.

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  • DaveGee
    Apr 16, 03:50 PM
    I'm not a developer and have no idea what their policies are but will say I think it's a bit lame to have that double standard. If I was the cartoonist I wouldn't have resubmitted it.

    THANK YOU! :)

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  • AxisOfBeagles
    Mar 11, 03:41 PM[/url]

    Definitely my favorite thus far, amongst many excellent interpretations of the challenge theme. The neon glow of the keyboard backlight really makes this pop, and I like the angled composition.

    This one I'm not too sure how it communicates the challenge theme (assuredly more my lack of insight and interpretation than the photo) but more distracting to me is the overexposure of the foreground flower. Was this exposed with the in-camera meter? I find a lot of over-exposure problems when using the camera meter, so I usually use an incident meter, or a spot-meter - or else I bracket with a specific intention of some low-value captures. I find that recovering slightly under-exposed images easier in digital than I do hot or over-exposed images. Just my limited experience - your mileage may vary.

    OK, my own submission for this challenge. With the utmost apologies to JD, I had to stick with the apples & oranges theme which is what had immediately occurred to me when we set this topic. I've tried to expand on the conceptual interpretation of apples & oranges with some more technical interpretations - a split b & w background, and an over-saturated and high contrast post treatment.

    Canon EOS 40D
    EF 24-70 f/2.8L @ 32mm
    ISO 100 f/11 @ 1/250th manual exposure
    Two 150watt strobes plus an on-camera 430EX bounced off of an overhanging reflection card
    Post in Aperture 3

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  • redeye be
    Jul 14, 06:26 PM
    My user name is Astral_Cars and ID number is 379088 (I think) but my stats aren't on EOC, that's the problem. I've had it running for three or four days and I'm still not on there.
    Nothing anybody here can do really. has no Astral_Cars either.
    Maybe you should just wait until you've ended a WU or you've mistyped your username.

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  • jettredmont
    Nov 21, 06:30 PM
    right, and thats one of the concerns that folks have. But if Apple somehow manages to integrate one of these into a heatsink and put it right on a CPU's surface, there will no-doubt be a difference between the surface-temp of the CPU and the other side of the chip.

    At how much of a loss in heatsink effectiveness? Heatsinks and heatsink gel are formulated to allow very high rates of heat transfer. You can't just stick a little piece of silicon in there (which will undoubtedly act as an insulator relative to the heat sink path) and expect the heat to still leave the processor.

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  • rgs3
    Apr 23, 11:35 PM
    Backlit keyboard would take it to another level. Theres just something very awesome about the backlit keyboards. I dont need to look at the keys to type, I just like the esthetics of it all. I would also like to see current gen processors in a current gen model. The last thing that I could ask for would be edge to edge display with zero bezel around the display and trim up around the keyboard. Thats all extra bulk as far as Im concerned.

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  • twoodcc
    May 14, 05:30 PM
    Here is a good stat to look at, we are #52 at crunching but 58 position. Our outlook is better, but really it is just enough for keeping our spot.

    Hopefully the release of GPU3 for macs, a3 bigadv and 12 cores mac pro will help.

    yeah all of those will help. especially that new mac pro. but even then, unless we are more active on this forum, people won't join the team

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  • HexMonkey
    Jun 1, 03:23 AM
    Then that means merging articles wherever possible, and as I suggested before, using the subcategories as filters rather than points of separation.

    How does what I said mean we should merge articles whenever possible? :confused:

    I don't think MediaWiki supports using categories as filters.

    That way we can reduce article clutter while simultaneously avoiding arbitrary separation between different types of software simply because they don't fit the idea of being "Mac" like.
    As for the CLI thing, it's all just software, we don't need to keep them separated by walls of steel from the "Mac" apps since they run native on a Mac.

    If there's a "Terminal Commands" subcategory of a "Software" category, the CLI applications are still classed as software. By putting them in a subcategory, we are not hiding them, shunning them or separating them by "walls of steel". We are merely putting articles in logical groupings to make them easier to find. They are not split off because they're not "Mac-like".

    A simpler category structure does not necessarily make the guides any simpler to use.

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  • mixel
    Jul 4, 03:57 PM
    Look up some numbers please, and then come back with that facepalm...
    Look up anything about how both Sony and Apple operate internally and what they do in their respective fields and tell me the facepalm isn't relevant.

    The facepalm is massive understatement.

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  • BRLawyer
    Feb 19, 11:21 AM
    I don't disagree with you at all. He did the same thing at an EU summit on e-commerce.

    As others already said, this was meant to be an INFORMAL dinner and by no means constitutes disrespect of any national or foreign authority. If there was any specific dress code (like in the Oscars, smart casual, formal attire etc.), protocol would have informed SJ.

    Besides, he was not wearing shorts, flip-flops or anything of the kind...and what others were wearing (like a tieless shirt in the case of Mr. Zuckercrap) was not much better relax, please.

    I am alarmed at the growth rate of Microsoft in the space of your post. One company is more than enough.:eek:

    If he meant it in British English, he is correct...:rolleyes:

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  • emotion
    Oct 10, 01:22 PM
    ... but he eventually convinced me that he has actually seen some 10" mac laptop demo computer somewhere.

    Oh please let this be true.

    Just what I need to replace this 12" pbook

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  • -SD-
    Jan 19, 05:15 PM
    I'd get one just for Zelda, Pilotwings and Starfox. But not at �230! That's ridiculous for a handheld machine that's primarily aimed at kids. Especially with the current global financial situation.

    The 3 - 5 hour battery life is pathetic and the 3D effect can apparently cause headaches. Nine to 12 months after release, when Nintendo inevitably release the new 3DS+, with a much increased battery life for a much more reasonable price I'll consider it. But only if I can have a play with one for a few hours first to make sure my head doesn't explode from the 3D effect.

    Anyway, have fun with Pilotwings. See you summer 2012.


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  • steeleclipse
    Sep 18, 11:32 PM
    If you survived reading that entire installment, I commend you.
    If you have reached the end without reading the middle, that is quite fine, just give your advice on how to talk to women.

    the most common trait that women look for (so i have been told) from a first impression is self confidence. Walk proud (not cocky), smile (genuinely) and own your surroundings (look comfortable). Dress approriately, being well kept and neat.

    You say you have a friend that doesnt know about Macs, so bring him to the store, and make sure that she notices you informing him about the benefits of a mac, not in a cocky way like some do, but rather in a way that will make him want to switch. If she notices this, you now have a common interest. Thats assuming that she enjoys working be at the Apple store, but it is a pretty safe bet considering most mac employees do.

    When she walks by you, forget something about the product you are describing to your friend, and ask her to take it from there. Making her feel important for something other than her physical attributes is key.

    Praise her for her help and that fact that she is well informed. Make sure she knows that her intervention changed a decision or outlook. Everyone wants to be influential in some way.

    Hopefully by then, you can steer the conversation towards finding another reason that you two should run into each other again. That DOES NOT mean to ask her out or for her number, but rather find out when they have a good class going on, when coincidentally she is working. Humble yourself, and take a iMovie class or two if it results in you bumping into her again.

    If you do get a chance to talk to her again, BE CREATIVE! Send her an instant message on iChat from across the store... save her from a masked man robbing the store at gun...., well you get the picture.

    Lastly, Dont get to into detail in this post... there is a possibly she or one of her co-workers cruises the macrumors forums, and she could find this really creepy or really cool :D

    I sincerely apologize if I have repeated anything that someone else has said
    but I think its really cool that you reached out to a community that usually deals with computer questions. :D

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  • .vin.
    Jan 7, 11:11 AM
    Has anyone else found that after installing this their iPhone battery can not get enough charge to turn on? I'm popping into  Regent Street this afternoon, but it would be useful to know if anyone else has had the same problem.

    Tried a hard reset, and it's not Jailbroken or Pwned or anything.

    UPDATE: iPhone is working again. Multiple hard resets, removing sim, unplugging seemed to do the trick.

    Had the same problem. Now that my iPhone is finally charged and running, I can't open the Facebook app. As soon as I click it, the application starts but then immediately crashes. Tried restarting my iPhone, still no luck.

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  • simsaladimbamba
    Apr 12, 08:06 AM
    winclone hasn't been updated in a while but could still work for you.

    however, also have a look @ Casper (

    I know about the WinClone part, but how would one run Casper when restoring the Windows partition?

    It says the following on its website:

    Casper provides a near-instant recovery capability by creating a fully bootable backup of a Windows system drive, including a backup that can boot and run directly from an external USB drive�.

    � Requires computer with BIOS support for booting from USB hard disk drive (USB-HDD) devices. Not all computers support booting and running from USB hard disk drive type devices.

    Does that mean, a backup via those means could be booted from an external HDD connected to a Mac?

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  • torero
    Jun 18, 03:44 PM
    why not put the slot in the front then??? I use the cards all the time and have reader always plugged into my ACD... with an ugly, dangly cord.

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  • lmalave
    May 7, 04:13 PM
    Originally posted by markjs
    I was drawn to this forum because I am interested in computers generally and macs almost qualify.....but seriously I poked around on a mac for about an hour today, and found that some things are less intuitive (minimizing and closing windows). Also I found that some things easily accessible in windows are not accessible at all in mac OSX. I felt like the computer was "dumbed down" for me. All in all it was a computer and pefectly capable internet machine, but at least in an hour nothing even came close to winning me ove. Oh yeah it also crashed once too.

    They're just different, but I don't see how you can say Windows is more intuitive than OS X. Minimizing and closing apps? OS X Windows have the same 3 freakin' buttons (minimize, maximize, close), but they're on the top left corner instead of the top right corner. Also, keyboard shortcuts are in general more intuitive and uniform on the Mac. For example, command-Q will quit your program. Closing a window doesn't actually quit the program, maybe that's what you're referring to?

    And as far as OS X being dumbed down. Hello? It's a Unix machine! I consider myself an alpha geek or close to it, and I have 10x more power on my Mac than on any Windows machine. It's Windows that's dumbed down. Everything's a black box. I can't even kill a program if it's hanging. I keep going to Task Manager and clicking "End Task" over and over and over and over and it just won't quit. What's up with that? On my iBook everything just works like it's supposed to to a much greater degree than on my PCs.

    As Rower asked, what exactly were you trying to find on the Mac that made you think it was "dumbed down"? It might be in a different place. You're just very used to the Windows interface. That doesn't mean the Mac is "dumbed down".

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  • BornAgainMac
    Sep 1, 05:57 AM
    Microsoft is a Apple developer. I doubt the super secret features are included. When it turns Beta then the super secret features will be added and publicly exposed by Apple. My guess is November but no later than January.

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  • Eduardo1971
    Mar 28, 08:24 AM
    Maybe I'm reading too much into it but it is sad the Mac OS is mentioned after iOS.:(

    Feb 19, 02:31 AM
    About Steve's wardrobe: I think the dresscode for that dinner was casual. Having dinner with the president is already exciting enough, and i bet Mr.Obama didn't want to put more stress to it by demanding 3-piece suits. It's not an offical dinner, just people having a good time, and Mr.Obama was just leveling the playingfield to make sure everybody was feeling comfortable.

    Apr 5, 09:47 AM
    Thank you so much for that interesting and insightful comment. You really added to the discussion.
    You're welcome!

    Have a nice day.


    Feb 23, 01:48 PM
    Please let this serve as public notice of my intentions to bring to market, iParent, a revolutionary new app that allows even the laziest dumb asses to be good parents. Simply type in your parental situation into the app and buy your answer via an in-app purchase. :rolleyes:

    May 6, 10:46 PM
    That article contradicts itself in the title...

    Jan 6, 09:36 PM
    Add me to the list of those getting the push notifications but no sound. Any solutions?