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  • longofest
    Aug 24, 05:44 PM
    Update 2: Apple appears to have updated the battery model numbers listed on its site. The new models affected are as follows:

    12-inch iBook G4 A1061
    ZZ338 - ZZ427
    3K429 - 3K611
    6C519 - 6C552

    12-inch PowerBook G4 A1079
    ZZ411 - ZZ427
    3K428 - 3K611

    15-inch PowerBook G4 A1078 and A1148
    3K425 - 3K601
    6N530 - 6N551

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  • stunna
    Jul 23, 05:47 PM
    It's funny because there are devices that allow you to do these things.
    Apple allows the normal people to move forward in the technology world.

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  • AaronMT
    Oct 11, 07:53 PM

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  • Tailpike1153
    Apr 18, 08:27 AM
    When I was a ToysRUS kid, there were only two racks in the store and it only sold burlap sacks and one Atari game. My time has changed.

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  • mikes63737
    Nov 2, 05:56 PM
    I'm pretty sure that Flash wouldn't even work on an iPhone. It uses 100% CPU on my MBP and video still lags!

    This is probably the reason that Apple doesn't even want to let Adobe make Flash, because they know they would fsck it up somehow.

    And, since iPhones overheat, CPU usage at 100% for any length of time could cause the battery to explode!

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  • NewSc2
    Sep 22, 01:29 PM
    what's wal-mart going to do? stop selling DVDs if the movie houses go to Apple?

    personally I won't be buying iTunes movies as of yet. I still like having the hard copy, just like I do with CD's. when the time comes that movies are instantly playable on the big internet brainsource we all connect to... then i'll reconsider.

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  • twoodcc
    Aug 29, 10:14 AM if microsoft needs the money....of well, i'm not buying it

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  • ibook30
    Sep 22, 05:13 PM
    I let Wal Mart know that I don't approve of their practices by avoiding their stores. My money goes to other retailers.

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  • laserbeam273
    Mar 22, 04:55 AM
    Time to buy an ipod, leave it in the box, then sell it in 30 years for $10,000? Try get Jobs to sign it first! How about $100,000?

    And the first ipod had firewire?!?!?! What is this! We've downgraded!

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  • VirtualRain
    Mar 6, 07:35 PM
    Where is this?!?!!? Awesome shot!

    Thanks! That's a small stream that flows into the Seymour River near my house.

    My photo for today... (

    This is similarly awesome... I like the layers and clouds as well as the lights from downtown. I'm guessing this was shot from Queen E Park?

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  • PCtoMAC?
    Oct 1, 05:50 PM
    I vehemently disagree with the way Bungie ups the "Difficulty" in this game.

    Totally agree. I breezed through the heroic setting but now in legendary its taking me three times as long to get where I am. I've found that in the legendary mode you pretty much have to rely on the armor options just to get through certain sections. One great thing I realized the other day is that the drop shield power up or whatever its called also restores your health which is awsome.

    It is rediculous how hard it is to kill elites. If you stick a grenade to their backs it doesn't even break their shields! What the hell is that? A couple of plasma rifle shots and kick to the chest will pretty much kill me everytime. Either way I like the challenge so I'm going to keep plugging along.

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  • charlituna
    Apr 3, 10:46 AM
    WOW!!!! 8 megapixe?!!!!!!! i remember like 5 years ago when i bought a 200$ camera and it was 6 megapixels and it was considered amazing and here is the iphone with a 8!!! ITS CRAZZZYYY:confused:

    for the basic consumer, ie the market for the iphone, a 6 MP camera is more than enough. Heck 4MP is probably more than enough.

    Only professionals and serious prosumers need those crazy 18MP, 60fps rigs like a Canon 7D.

    Now if you can tell me that that 8MP sensor also supports low light settings to help Joe Public get better shots of Joe Jr and Jane Jr, then okay I might buy it. But just based on the MP, I am not buying it. I still say it is possible that this guy doesn't know what he's talking about. Be it, they aren't making anything for Apple or they are making a lower grade sensor and he merely assumed it was their highest

    I am just tired of seeing people on here hoping for a mediocre upgrade... such as no design change and little speed bump...not referring to this thread in particular, but i see it in others..

    I'm on a lot of boards and I've seen no one 'hoping' for a mediocre upgrade.

    But I have seen a lot of folks smart enough to realize that the tech has plateau'd until there are useable LTE support and NFC support and thus it is likely that it will be a small upgrade this go around, just like from the 3g to the 3gs.

    That's not 'hoping' that's just being realistic.

    To me, this just feels like a slap in the face to ipad2 owners :(

    Doesn't feel that way to me. perhaps because I have never seen the ipad as the beginning of the iOS release calendar, but the end. Which is also likely how Apple views it. It's always easier to go bigger than smaller so if you can get something to work in the iphone/touch, it's child's play to go up to the ipad. But fine tuning it first on the ipad doesn't equal cake in putting it in the iphone/touch.

    Wooohooo hallelujah about friggin time it got a decent camera

    the iphone has a 'decent' camera. Especially for the actual market, which isn't professional photographers but Daddy playing in the back yard with kiddies and wanting pics to send to Grandma.

    Besides which, you could put a 18mp sensor in the phone and still have a crap camera if the controls, software etc suck.

    Doesn't most of the internet use flash?

    Nope. the main uses for Flash are games, ads and video playback. A few sites like movie and band sites will be full flash. But even before iOS came out many sites were dumping Flash due to accessibility concerns. When iOS came out, even more sites phased out Flash or created second 'mobile' sites that were Flash Free. when the Apps SDK came out, some of that group added apps as well or in place of the second site version.

    Even the porn industry, long viewed as a touch stone for internet tech acceptance has openly been dropping Flash for HTML5 to increase their possible viewing.

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  • Evangelion
    Sep 14, 07:15 AM
    Except I would have to pay for the parts and the R&D...

    Well, you are already paying for color-screen, video-playback, photo-playback etc. etc. etc.. They seem to be adding features constantly, yet the price does not go up (more or less).

    If you wanted a barebones iPod, you would always have the Shuffle

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  • Capt Underpants
    Nov 2, 04:04 PM
    Adobe is throwin' bows

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  • jobberwacky
    Oct 27, 01:52 PM
    i just got my macbook back yesterday after waiting for over a month for them to replace the heatsink
    Is this all the service they offered you? I contacted Apple when the RSS started to become a problem and was told that I could go to a certified Apple repair centre of choice.

    I phoned one up who had already dealt with a former TIBook of mine and they said they would order the heatsink and get back to me when it arrives. My MacBook then got a date with the repair man the next day and the morning after I could go and collect it (new screw not included).

    What I do recommend to everyone, is that they create a guest account WITH admin rights before they hand in the computer, so that the guys can play around with sleep settings and have a look at the system log.


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  • kcmac
    Aug 2, 09:41 PM
    Good lord people. Watch the video for crying out loud. Why would you stick a usb or firewire or whatever kind of card like this is into a MacBook? It already comes with a card for free right inside!

    Now, what would have been more impressive, is if this guy would have attacked the MacBook straight up as ALL PEOPLE USING A MACBOOK WOULD BE USING IT.

    Criminy. Is the world really this hung up on trying to blast a hole into Apple's products?

    This guy is just sour that he ain't in Vegas.

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  • ct2k7
    Mar 14, 05:00 PM
    If the specs are good enough, then maybe this will be my first mac....

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  • Chrispy
    Nov 8, 08:25 AM
    The C2D MBP was relieved of the whine and some other issues one they moved to C2D. If the MacBook becomes free of these issues as well with this move than the small update is still great news.

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  • bmorris
    Mar 29, 10:58 AM
    Only the Stone Mountain Radio Shack had them and they are sold out.
    All the others said they won't have them and Stone Mountain would.
    Trying again tomorrow!

    Aug 3, 05:44 PM
    The banner is current products (other than the Tiger disc) and is being waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy over analysed.

    Apple is trying to give us a clue. It could read a message for those that want to crack the code. Perhaps the third letter of every product or something. Hidden messages would be a cool idea.

    Apr 14, 11:01 AM
    I think something that's hugely undersold recently is the extra security. Macs provide better security (no matter how you slice it) and with less nagging. This may not be a big deal to tech-savvy people who know how to protect themselves, but my mom getting a virus on her computer ranks up there with being audited by the IRS.

    That kind of stress on a normal user will make them switch and never look back.

    Sad part is, as adoption will viruses/malware/trojans/etc.

    Best analogy Ive heard is:

    Windows 7 is a house with bars on the windows, and industrial locks on the Baltimore.

    OSX is a house with no locks, in the middle of nowhere.

    Nov 7, 10:35 AM
    Oh well. I won't have the money to buy it until next week anyway.
    But it would be nice to have some specs to drool over until then ;)

    Aug 8, 03:47 PM
    Just thought I'd post some information that I found about this. I don't understand a lot of the technical talk but the other stuff I do.

    Very interesting read.

    Also take a look at this from the same site.

    Nov 23, 06:05 PM
    sorry...but her stuff is light years ahead of that old outdated sound.