Thursday, April 28, 2011

reuse & recycle

being extremely poor means there's NO chance i'll be going shopping for new clothes anytime soon.  at first i was miserable about this, but then i told myself, "self, didn't you just write a post about being creative with the clothes you already own as a way to be sustainable? i think it's time you read what you write."

so i took to my closet and began playing dress up.  turns out, i discovered all sorts of fun new looks with the clothes i already own, plus a couple additions from the mister's side of the closet {he realized a part of living together meant me acquiring some of his things right?}.  i also pulled out a few dresses that i never ever wear and went to town with my seam ripper.  muah-ha-ha!  

the result?...

new combo of clothes i already own: button-down striped shirt with floral skirt.

borrowing from the mister: dannon's shirt with my skirt.

totally deconstructed: took the top off this ugly dress {hello, that peach/tan color on my skin? blech!}...

 ...for a super cute, high-waisted skirt.

a whole new remodel: i've had this dress for years {this was at our friends' wedding 3 years ago}.
it got way too stretched out to properly fit me as it was, so i removed the straps, let the triangle fabric flop over and voila! a strapless dress for those sunny summer days at the beach...

...or add a belt for another chic high-waisted skirt, perfect for coffee dates.

have you breathed new life into anything old and worn out lately?

ps - this is our new fence, sans termites.  isn't it gorgeous?!  plus, our whole yard now smells like cedar.