Friday, April 29, 2011


this week flew by! i mean, i hardly know the week from the weekend, since i have no purpose in life am unemployed, but doesn't it feel like the weekend just happened? and here it is again! i'm not complaining though.  i have a super fun day planned tomorrow, for which i am really thankful.

i'm also grateful for all of these awesome things:
* that my family & friends were safe in the storms wednesday.  a bunch of tornados struck the area where i grew up, where many friends still live, and where my own momma lives.  many of my their houses were damaged/destroyed but so far, all the reports have come in that everyone is safe and alive.  thank god!
* a last minute {and free} ditty bops concert.
* finally getting to see a show at the hotel cafe.
* all of the singing i've been doing lately {it's good to have something to work towards again}.
* diet coke {oh get used to me being thankful for this bad habit on a regular basis. what can i say, it's a full-on, nasty addiction.}.
* staying up really ridiculously late watching movies {i felt like a kid again!}.
* meeting the lovely jesca hoop.
* how sweet glee was {i especially loved the conversation about ocd. it's not an easy subject, and as a person with ocd, i'm so glad they are not wrapping this up in pretty packaging.  it sucks and that's all there is to it.}.
* discovering free concerts at the getty {thanks brian!}.
* that the royal wedding was this morning so everyone will finally stop talking about it. sheesh!
* beginning to plan another trip home to san francisco in june {yay!!}

what are you thankful for?