Friday, April 29, 2011

Another Wild Librarian Party

I woke up at 6:00 this morning, the usual time for me on a work day.  Knowing that coverage of the Royal Wedding was supposed to have started at 4:00 am on the television, I turned it on to see how far along the ceremony was.  As it turned out, the procession was just then starting up the aisle at the church, so apparently I didn't miss too much.  It wasn't worth missing any sleep over.

My husband watched some of it with me providing his own running commentary to accompany the ceremony "Mystery Science Theater 3000" style.  For example, as the bride was coming down the aisle, Prince Harry turned and said something to Prince William.  Husband chimed in with, "You can still back out if you run now!"

When the camera panned across the faces, husband said, "Oh look, there's the Queen--oh no, wait--that's Elton John."  

Young son joined in too.  Noticing the long train on the bride's dress, he contributed, "Don't step on her dress!  Don't step on her dress!"  The two of them went on like that for a while, egging each other on.  Needless to say, the romance of the moment was rather lost on them.

After closing at the library tonight, my co-workers and I had an "After the Wedding" party. These are pictures of a pretty tree covered with white blossoms out in front of the library.  Parts of the street the library is on is lined with these trees.  The fact that they were all out in bloom added to the festive feel in the air for celebrating the Royal Wedding day.

 We had a great time at the library party.  The ladies wore fancy hats or fascinators made from flowers and feathers and lace and such, something like these:

(I took pictures of my co-workers at the party, but it was with the library camera and for official "business" as part of my job, so I thought it would be best if I not post them on my blog.)

I baked chocolate-cherry butter scones for the party (I substituted chocolate covered dried cherries for the cherries.)...

and others brought chips and dips, crackers and cheese, and other edible goodies.

The reference librarian, who is crazy and creative and tons of fun, brought all of us a sapphire and diamond ring exactly like the bride's engagement ring (OK, well, they were exactly like hers except that hers was real and ours  were not, but it was close enough to give us all a smile).  Here's mine:

See, it looks just like Kate's!

She also passed out little plastic animals made to hang on the edge of a glass.  I got a little blue monkey.  Isn't he cute!

I was drinking from a can of diet Pepsi instead of a glass, so he didn't work too well at the party, but I brought it home because it was so whimsical.

The reference librarian also brought along fake plastic "British" teeth for whoever wanted them.  I didn't get any teeth because I was busy taking pictures when they were handed out, but that is probably just as well!!

She had us all laughing as she talked with a British accent and wore those silly teeth along with her large, fancy, very extravagant fascinator that included feathers, flowers, and even some pussy willow branches!!  

She was very animated as she talked which made the pussy willows bounce around.  The two people sitting next to her had to keep ducking and dodging so that the bobbing pussy willows didn't hit them in the face!  We had a blast, and it was a fun way to celebrate the Royal Wedding day.