Tuesday, March 15, 2011

weekend wonderfulness!

the past few days have been just gorgeous here in sunny southern california!  after last week, which was a really rough week for my ocd, and then with the tragedy in japan, i decided i needed to make the most of life so i filled my time with wonderful things:

on saturday i had a really lovely, relaxing day of writing and reading.  then that night, we headed out to a super fun birthday party.  we had the most delicious spread of cheese with a blind wine taste testing.  i am horrible at identifying flavors in wine, so i took the ole michael scott approach.  

on sunday the mister and i headed down to sunset junction to roam around the furniture and home stores.  there are so many cute shops down there, plus amazing coffee and gelato.  yum!  later that night, the mister decided to make healthy, but incredibly delicious, muffins {wheat, apples, oats, honey, cinnamon,... i think that's the gist of it}.  

and i did the whole i'm-hanging-out-with-different-people-so-i-can-wear-the-same-outfit-two-days-in-a-row thing:

{shirt: hand-me-down from my step-mom, skirt: hand-me-down from a dear friend, earrings: given to me straight off the ears of my best friend at my pre-wedding party, shoes: i actually bought these! from target}

then last night we met up with friends at wurstkuche, an amazing sausage grill in the arts district, which the mister has been raving about for years.  now, i'm a vegetarian {no rattlesnake or alligator sausages for me}, but this place has some delicious veggie options as well.  i got the vegetarian smoked apple sage with belgian fries.  oh heavens, it was so good! i'm glad i exercised a little extra and skipped an entire meal so i could indulge guilt-free.  you should definitely check it out if you're in LA.

the rest of this week, i will be continuing my big search for a job, any job!, preferably one doing therapy, even more preferably one that PAYS.  i also have some plans to socialize with friends and make merry music this weekend.

i hope you are all happy and well {and not at all late to everything because of the time change}!