Tuesday, March 22, 2011

keep your chin up!

thank you SO so much everyone, for sharing all the good news yesterday!  
it's kind of funny, but i was having an absolutely terrible day, full of frustrations and depressing events.  life can be such a struggle sometimes right?  luckily i had a blog post full of your amazing positivity to remind me that even though life can be really hard, it's not hard forever.  so truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for doing a good deed this week through your sharing!

the rest of this week will be devoted to my job hunt.  
i have my camouflage makeup on, my spear has been sharpened, and i'm ready to get out there in the wild.  actually, i was really hoping that my job hunt would be more like a lion chasing a gazelle - action packed, fast moving, take a big leap and acquire the target!  but unfortunately, i'm finding it's more like dear hunting - be really really really ridiculously patient as you wait for a super long time before you even catch a glimpse of your prey.  oy! still, i have my stuart smalley daily affirmations, a fellow job hunting friend with whom i can search, and a whole lot of determination.


i'm also finding ways to fill my life with excitement in the meantime.  i think it's vital to have things which you can look forward to when you're dealing with struggles in life.  this week, i'm super excited about a concert happening thursday evening.  a friend of ours, aaron roche, will be doing a free show {that's right, free!} at origami vinyl at 6p.  if you live anywhere nearby you should totally stop in!  i'll be there and i'd love to say hello.  
plus, my friend is really amazingly good!

i found some of his older music on grooveshark to share {his concert will be showcasing new stuff though, from his latest album}.  his music is simply gorgeous and i think it's perfect for those reflective, rainy days that come just before a change.  you know that feeling?  i think it's a good sign.

whatever you're dealing with right now, don't give up!  you can do it!  and in the end, the struggle will have only made you stronger.  have a happy tuesday everyone!